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6 Worst advice you would have heard about mens hot underwear

Advice is something which you might get anywhere and from any random person as well, even if you don't need them. Well there is nothing wrong is listening and obeying them but it should be worthy enough also because wrong advice can lead to several issues such as you will stop wearing them. Well, we have heard a lot of advice and trust me some of them were completely baseless or you can say worst. This blog is all about those worst advice which has somewhere or the other influence your decision before picking up G-string or thong underwear for yourself.

1. You should not wear them when you don't have the physique for it.

Though its good to have a well-maintained physique that's not the only thing which is required for pulling up erotic styles. One has to be confident as well and must know what looks best on him so whosever has given you this advice that first you need to build a great body and then start wearing them, its time to start practising social distancing with them.

men's sexy underwear

2. Men's hot underwear is meant for special occasions.

According to some men, men's hot underwear such as jockstraps, thongs, jocks briefs is only meant for special occasions. Though you can wear them at the time of sexual intercourse or foreplay but you may even wear them regularly. These styles are comfortable, support your manhood and gives you a feeling of nothingness due to lightweight fabrics. Men's lingerie such as jockstraps is good for your workout, sports.

3. Erotic range of men's lingerie is expensive.

Well expensive or budget-friendly completely depends where were you are purchasing them or brand you are targeting to. There are some brands such as Mensuas which provide high-quality lingerie at affordable price. There are thousands of variations in each category.

4. Luxurious or non-luxurious lingerie doesn't create a difference.

Before we start talking on this point, we would like to divide them on three basis, Performance, fit and fabric quality.

Fabric quality: If we talk about the fabric quality of non-luxurious or cheap lingerie they are not so great because low -end brands are more into mass production whereas your high-end brands believe in presenting quality rather than quantity hence you won't have the same quality fabrics like luxury underwear.

Fit: It's easy to attain better fit in luxury underwear than cheap underwear because the kind of fabric which is used by cheap underwear brand lacks 4-way stretch technology due to which fabric start wearing out after few washes. On the other hand, your premium brands utilize fabric which consists of 4-way technology which is more flexible than the fabrics with 2-way stretch technology. Hence they stay sturdy even after several washes.

Performance: Well do we need to answer that because it's difficult to doubt on the performance of luxury lingerie. Their fabrics better respond to sweat, constant motion, stretching, or frequent washes.

men's hot underwear

5. These are highly uncomfortable and unsupported.

People those who are not used to Thongs and G-string might feel comfortable with them in one go but that doesn't mean they are uncomfortable or less supportive than men's brief or boxers. Though they lack excess fabric at the back still they are capable of offering you the right amount of support. Men's hot underwear style such as thongs or G-string is one of the most comfortable styles due to their lightweight and lack of material. G-string underwear for men is available in pouch options as well.

6. You can sleep in boxers.

Even though your boxers are the most comfortable and good for your sperm quality still doctors don't recommend wearing them because it leads to fertility problems. Another reason for going commando is it makes your crotches warm in the night and also you stay protected from chafing, skin irritation and infections.

Are you still planning to have them before you go to bed?

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