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6 underwear styles for men under $100, to shop for Valentine's Day

Mensuas as a website offers you a wide range of underwear styles for men from various underwear brands such as Calvin Klein, 2xist, Cover Male, Good Devil, Daniel Alexander, and so on. To maintain the craziness of the shopping, Mensuas constantly update men's underwear as well as swimwear collection and being in the industry for 14 years. This is one of the reasons why we suggest you guys shop for special occasions such as Valentine's Day from Mensuas is a great idea. Hence, to make your work slightly easier, we have come up with the 6 best underwear styles for men. All these pairs are under $100 so you don't have to worry about spending a hell of a lot of money on underwear. 

Let's get the shopping started.

1. Good Devil GDL028 Web G-String

This sexy pair of male g-strings helps you raise your style quotient. This sexy pair of male g-strings is designed for men looking to break out the routine! 

The web-like structure in this pair makes this ultra sexy and the most important reason to have. Along with that, this pair of male G-strings offers you ultimate pleasure while supporting your manhood. Good Devil's Web G-string underwear for men offers a comfy pouch that is connected in the front. This comfortable pouch offers external support as a result, there is no question about feeling uncomfortable.

Good Devil GDL028 Web G-String

To spice up your moments, this sexy pair of men's g-string underwear is waiting for you. Moreover, the pouch attached offers breathability to your package and even makes sure that your manhood gets enough room to breathe. Good Devil's Web G-string enhances the shape of your manhood too and makes you the guy everyone envies. The best thing about purchasing this pair of men's g-string underwear is you get to pick the pair according to your color choice. 

2. Cover Male CMI031 LeCatch Micro Bikini

Cover Male's LeCatch Micro Bikini underwear comes with a string structure on the sides that has to be tied to keep the construction close to your body. Furthermore, designers have used sheer fabric in this style which enhances the factors like breathability and visibility. Moreover, it offers an enhancement to your front profile without letting you compromise with the comfort factor.

Cover Male CMI031 LeCatch Micro Bikini
Hence you can perform all sorts of activities and even seduce your partner with your killer moves and looks. Cover Male's CMI031 LeCatch Micro Bikini underwear is the value for money.

3. Secret Male SMI026 Carnation Bikini

Secret Male's Carnation Bikini underwear is great for men who are looking for exotic as well as something different than usual. Furthermore, this pair of men's bikini underwear revolves around one thought, i.e. offering the wearer a sexy look. This pair of men's bikini underwear enhances your personality very well. The usual pocket in the front of this male lingerie comes with a pouch that offers enough room for your manhood to expand and relax easily. And a fashionable coverage at the back offers your buttocks a perfect look, as a result, it becomes difficult to ignore them.


Secret Male SMI026 Carnation Bikini

Secret Male's Carnation Bikini underwear is available in three vivid and natural color options.

4. Secret Male SML010 Bawd G-String

This Secret Male G-string is meant for you if you want to be ready for a special occasion like Good Devil. This G-string for men has a sensual and appealing design. The lace design is used on the pouch and leg band, and it looks wonderful on the wearer. The leg band adds to the underwear's appearance, while the pouch allows for partial visibility of the underwear's assets. The bag is strung with two strings, one of which supports the other.


Secret Male SML010 Bawd G-String
This seductive G-string for guys conceals the butt crack while leaving the back naked. This underwear makes your companion feel more alluring and adds to the romance of your special occasion.

5. Secret Male SMI024 Floral Bikini

The lace design on this men's bikini allows for partial visibility of your below assets and buttocks. It comprises a ribbon on the pouch's side. Its seductive and enticing style will make your spouse fall head over heels in love with you. It's made up of a tiny waistband that keeps your underwear from falling.

Secret Male SMI024 Floral Bikini

This underwear will work best for you in terms of exposure if you want to show off your underwear assets. Don't forget to wear this seductive underwear whenever you want to get intimate with your spouse. Your companion will be more seductive as a result of wearing this underwear. The wearer thinks the lace design is luxurious.


6. Good Devil GDU020 Exhibitionist Jockstrap

When looking for thin strap-style underwear, this Wonderful Devil Exhibitionist Jockstrap is a good option. The front of this sensual men's underwear is made up of multiple small thin bands that are joined in a V form. This sultry men's underwear allows you to show off your jewels and buttocks while maintaining your sense of elegance.

Good Devil GDU020 Exhibitionist Jockstrap

This jockstrap underwear is the ideal approach to flaunt your stunning figure and make you appear highly appealing to female proportions. This pair of men's jockstraps are so silky and comfortable that you can wear them all day. The waistline is wide and adjustable, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit.

                                               Happy Valentine's Day

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