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5 Latest development in Long Underwear for Men

5 Latest development in Long Underwear for Men

The Union Suits were one of the first long undies for men. This was later replaced by boxer shorts. In either case, the role of the undergarment was restricted to the covering male genital only. The need to support and cozier fit led to the development of boxer briefs. With its introduction, the traditional boxers lost their charm among the style-conscious male population. However, the long underwear is back in the vogue and that too with a bang. The fresh style of these skivvies offers a much functional approach.

Have you been in line with the latest progression in the industry of men's underwear lately? If not, then, listed below are some of the developments that the conventional style has seen in the past few years. Have a look.

Better support

Edipous Long Underwear

Unlike the long johns, the modern long underwear for men provides better support to the package. The anatomical pouch of the undies is specifically designed to hold the junk together and keep them in the right place. Initially, these undergarments were just meant for covering the genital of the wearer, the support factor was missing to a very large extent. The prominent elastic waistband sits at the waist and offers great support and comfort to the genital. The low rise fit of some of the skivvies in the collection provides the added benefit that stays in place without giving you a wedgie.

Pouch enhancement

It is not just the support counts in the contemporary styles of long underwear. The contouring pouch even offers frontal enhancement. The extra support is faltering to all body types. At the same time, the elevation accentuates visibility by creating a visible bulge in front. It is not just about the enhancement, but it is even a practical option for comfort. The enhancing underwear offers protection from chafing throughout the day. The conventional undies kept the genital very close to the body of the wearer that led to the heating of testicles and chafing ultimately. The enhancement contraption even reduces the risk of low sperm count which is one of the consequences of overheating of testicles.

Snug fit style

Men's Long Underwear

The Union Suit, the long johns, and even the boxer shorts were baggy and offered loose fit. This led to the inconvenience of bunching and riding up. This is one of the developments in the underwear industry for men that became prominent after the introduction of men's briefs and later boxer briefs. The long boxers these days are designed to hug the body of the wearer snugly. The form-fitted style of the undies can be paired with any of the pants. Not only this, the fabric composition includes the right amount of spandex that even ensures flexibility. So, these undies would hug you and allow easy leg movement at the same time.

Alluring prints

Long Boxer

The underneath fashion industry for men has come a long way from the classic shades to the unique patterns. There are some of the undies in this category that features enticing prints. From the stripe patterns to the great looking solid shades, the modern men can now brighten up their collection without going with the outrageous cuts. One thing that every pattern has in common is the masculine appeal. The bold prints and contrasting colors will let you be fun and manly all at the same time. The flag underwear is one of the appealing evolution in this field. The flag print on the undergarment will trigger the patriotic as well as the fashion-forward side of every man.

Varied fabric option

Cotton was the only fabric used in creating the varied styles of men's underwear. However, these days there is an astonishing array of fabrics in the market. There are a lot of combinations and blends being used by the modern undergarment designers and it is not just made of cotton anymore. The varied options provide a choice for each day. Materials like nylon, polyester, silk and other natural fiber are being used in crafting the undies. In addition, the fabric includes a pinch of spandex and elastane. The introduction of this synthetic fiber has changed the entire face of underneath fashion for men. With the flexibility it offers, it has made the days easier for men. The modern material offers moisture-wicking and fast-drying features that add to the functionality.

Are you ready to switch from the old underwear styles to the new ones? Share your views in the comments below.

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