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10 Underwear Commandments

Like every other aspect of life, men's underwear also has some very important rules that must be followed. Some of them are very general, but you still manage to overlook them and continue to commit some gravest sins against your intimate apparels. Let's look at the top 10 commandments that "thou" must remember to follow.

1- Thou shall not repeat:

This commandment states that one must not repeat the same pair of men's fashion underwear two times in a row. This is very unhygienic as well as your apparel needs rest to come back to its original shape. You keep on stretching it day in-day out; it is a possibility that your undergarment will wear off sooner than you thought.

2- Thou shall remember his physique:

Though we live in a free country and we have the right to wear whatever we want, one must understand that every style is not for every physique. It is one of fact that cannot be overlooked, but guys out of excitement buy styles that do not go with their body shapes. You must consider your physique before going for any style. Men's g-string and thongs are for lean guys who are well built; whereas, men's brief underwear, boxer briefs, jockstraps and others can be worn by the other body types.

3- Thou shalt not show the waistband:

Okay! Let bygones be bygones; you must not let your elastic waistband to pop out of your denims. Wearing a great pair of men's sexy underwear does not mean you flaunt the waistband in order to tell others about the brand you're wearing. It is considered disrespectful and FYI it is out of fashion now. You must not show it to others in order to confirm that you're wearing something underneath; people already know it.

4- Thou shall not put anything before comfort:

Yeah! Comfort is the key to a great experience of wearing men's exotic underwear underneath. Comfort is something that men have put first since ages and have been doing the same till date. However, now guys are getting a little skeptical about choosing between style and comfort. Let me tell you something very clearly, buying stylish apparel does not provide a comfortable experience, but the designers are constantly working to craft undergarments that are comfortable with a touch of style added to it.

5- Thou shall keep separate apparels for various situations:

Every pair of underwear reflects for every situation. Don't think it is logical or even practical to wear the same pair for each situation you are involved in. For example, just imagine yourself wearing a pair of jeans t-shirt to the club, then the same one to work, to the gym and finally for your date night. What would be the impact and how would you feel doing it? We hope you understand what we are trying to convey here. Same is applicable with a pair of designer underwear. Hence, keep it stylish and wear styles that are appropriate for different occasions.

6- Thou shall re-stock your wardrobe:

Like we said in our earlier blog that you should clear your underwear wardrobe after certain intervals. It makes things simpler and easier to find. This is a known fact that we all have that one pair which is very hard to let go, but one should let them go and give space to the new pairs in their closet.

7- Thou shall have at least 20 pairs:

A normal guy should at least own 20 pairs of various styles to keep shuffling between. Why 20? Because guys are very lazy (exceptions excluded) and can even wear the same dirty underwear again without washing. So in order to escape from this, you should just have a stock to keep it handy.

8- Thou shall not wear underwear under swimwear:

We all have done it before, but then we realized that it is a wrong habit of wearing men's designer underwear under men's swimwear. The water in the pool or beach might harm the undergarment, as well as your ego if someone see's you wearing two instead of one.

9- Thou shall clean up before slipping into skimpy apparel:

We all have it, the tree in the forest. Shaving, laser, waxing or however you handle your forest, the best thing to do is to clean it up down there before slipping into some sexy pairs like men's g-string underwear or even men's c-strings. It is better to do it rather than scaring your girl or partner away.

10- Thou shall choose carefully:

Choosing carefully the style, patterns, size, fabrics are very common; you must carefully choose the place to buy the intimate apparels. Mensuas offers a whole gamut of styles for your consideration. You can choose depending on your taste and appreciate the affordable prices. Do let us know in the comments below which of the above commandment you've broken and which is the one you've been abiding till now. Stories You May Like:

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