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Swimwear summer vibes

Swimwear summer vibes

Hello, my friends, and welcome to my swimwear summer edition review.

August is a great month to take a vacation at the beach and use those pairs of shorts and swimwear you've been longing to wear all winter.

Last week, I tested two very different brands and styles and let me tell you, my final look won't be forgotten anytime soon. On Saturday, I went to the beach with my family; therefore, I picked a more comfortable and conservative style to enjoy some quality time on such a paradise beach. I wore Intymen's print patchwork shorts, which have a soft touch of polyester and thus, offer a contoured fit and comfortable feel that I definitely loved. The print is absolutely enticing and provides a sexy modern look while keeping it casual because let's remember... you are wearing shorts. It also has side pockets, which I admit are a must at this point. They are available in different colors, and I think next time, I'll definitely pick the red ones because they look really stylish.


This brand seems to be focused on bringing comfort and rapid drying while remaining modern and making your body look fit. The shorts are a more expensive option, but absolutely worthwhile.

After lunch, I changed into an absolute hit: the magic colors boxer trunks in navy and green. I think the masculine color combination blends with all sorts of personalities and skin tones. The pouch held and kept my manhood in the right place even while doing physical activity. One of my friends wore the basic jungle boxer trunks and I was a little envious because the print is eye-catching and stylish, but subtle at the same time. I will definitely buy a pair for myself. He told me the fabric hugs you in the right place and moisture-wicking properties keep you dry even while going into the water. INTYMEN ING040 MAGIC COLORS BOXER TRUNK NAVY/GREEN

On Saturday, I met with some friends so it was a good opportunity to show off a little bit more. I also wanted to get a tan while enjoying the amazing beach, so I wore Pistol Pete's black briefs which have a very modern design. The red waist definitely makes all the difference. It's a great choice if you are looking to stay classy but sassy, and it is also sporty. It's an image that everyone loves at the beach. Sex appeal is on the rise! Last but not least, I also tried the black swim boxer trunk, which is a great option as it provides a super sexy look by accentuating your figure. It also guarantees a pleasant swimming experience and, to be honest, I love the black and blue combination.


The swimsuit experience with both brands has been great and going to the beach has never been so chic! I had the masculine and sensual look I desired and a wonderful weekend with family and friends. What else could I wish for?

Let me know which is your favorite swimwear and swimsuit from this year's collection below in our comments!

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