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The Appealing Briefs By Agacio

Agacio recently launched its new collection which is colorful, appealing and really comfortable (like other collections by the brand). The assortment of new arrival briefs by the brand is tempting and very functional.

About the product

The Agacio AG6805 brief is tempting and very appealing to the partner's eyes. Men's brief underwear covers all over with ample amount of fabric. The fabric composition of cotton and spandex provides exceptional comfort and stretch for movement to the legs. The stripes are vibrant and alluring to the white base. Designer underwear is available at a minimal price of $16.50 at Mensuas which makes it all the more important to buy it.

What we like?


Agacio believes in keeping the design basic and sophisticated, but it tried to experiment with various colors in their new fashion underwear. Blue shimmery stripes stand out on the white base and surely look extraordinary. The low resting brief reveals the fruit of your labor (abs) and puts them forward in the best way possible. The next thing that caught my eye is the icon fashion piping on the legs as well as around the pouch.


The solid white pouch is comfortable, enhancing as well as supportive. Outline piping helps the manhood get a defining lift. So even when you're at work, people can see the subtle lift down there but don't find it too protruded. The pouch stands out as it is only visible part of the brief that does have stripes. The package feels like being kept in a cradle for the right support and thrust with a lot of ease and needed movement.


The waistband is worth the mention because it is shimmery, supportive and eye catching. The embroidered brand logo stands strong holding the underwear without leaving rashes on the skin. It gives the assurance of the level of comfort in other items available at the brand.

What we don't like?

Like some other brands the small brand tag on the rear of the waistband might cause some itching as rubs against the skin but you can easily remove it (only if it causes a problem). This Sexy underwear is perfect for everyday wear as well as romantic evenings. Stock it up to add vibrancy in your wardrobe and comfort with added style in your clothing. Do let us know if you have bought it or planning to buy this exotic men's underwear in the comments section. More Stories:

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