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Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks

As you can see in the image, figuring out which one is a men's boxer brief underwear and which is the trunk is quite a task. Probably, you might say that they differ in terms of length. Does it? Much to your surprise (even mine before I researched about it), the answers may vary according to the brand as well as the country. When you check out that carries brands from the varied corners of the world, including Australia, UK, US and others; you'd be able to see the inconsistencies of the varied fit and style of men's underwear. Confused already? Well, a big part of the confusion comes from the country that the brand has originated. For example, men's boxer brief by the US brands are commonly known as men's trunks in Australia and United Kingdom. When you dig deeper you'd understand that the difference is just the language or the vocabulary. Is it helping somehow? You might feel relieved until you'll see that the version of boxer briefs with short legs were introduced for the wearers and were named as "trunk". This finally added to the terminology puzzle for men who are specifically looking for a length and not the variety. Just keep in mind that an American trunk is effectively shorter and not the same as the Australian version of the trunk. With all the juggling words and styles, you would have one question in your head. If short legged versions are called trunks in the US, what would they be called in Australia? You would simply call the short trunks (trunks with short length) and long trunks (trunks with long length). Well, in order for your easy shopping experience, make sure you go by the varied lengths rather than choice of words provided with the products. This is for the brands that you are not very well aware of, but in case of those you know quite well; you wouldn't need vocab or extra information. It also helps if the underwear is shown worn by a model, if not simply ask for the inseam or measurement of the side length and measure it against your body to know approximately how far down the leg it will sit on you. Though the blog kept you on the edge with whether it talks about the differences or not; you are now well equipped with enough information that'll help you shop the two mens sexy underwear styles with great ease. Make sure you get the right fit for the defining look. Related Storie:

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2 thoughts on “Getting to the Basics of Boxer Brief vs. Trunks

  1. avatar Mark Joseph says:

    I don’t really find any difference between the two, apart from the difference in the length of their legs. This basic difference is responsible for the their different usage. They are used for different occasions.

  2. avatar Chase Morgon says:

    I have used both of them and I find the boxer briefs to be more comfortable than the trunks. Briefs have slightly longer legs which is covinient. The short legs of trucks causes itiching and irritation and so I don’t like them.

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