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Halloween 2017 - What to do?

Halloween 2017 - What to do?

Are you all already spooked up?? Having been the most trusted and practical guide for what can you do for Halloween 2016, we are here again to give you the spine-chilling experience for 2017?

Where we talked about decorating your homes the Halloween way, playing games, throwing a party and more, this edition would be more about the newer and uncommon things you must try this year.

Start scheming for the perfect costume (no, not those cat ears again) and take note of these spooky soirees, ghoulish gatherings and thrilling things to do.

Be warned: You're in for a spooky good time.

1. Attend a party

Let's assume that you've already taken the pain of hosting the Halloween party last year, this year, you can obviously attend one to complete the custom (just kidding). But, what would a Halloween be like if you don't up like the Dracula or the Pirate? You should be flaunting your chiseled body with a charming personality among others. There would be no better way than doing this. Be the spooky Dracula or the alluring Santa or whatever you want to. Just make sure you don't compromise with how you accessorize your look.

2. Plan a spooky date with your partner

Oh yeah!! Romantic dates are so overrated these days. It is all about good food, candle-light, soothing ambiance and more. However, would you be interested in setting up a spooky date with your partner? You got to keep in mind a few things there. Starting from how your venue (your house) looks like to what you'd be doing through the evening, everything should be kept in check. With the lights dimmed and certain spots illuminated with red or neon light, have some spooky decorative pieces placed. Let the music be such that your partner gets in the mood to go for the kill. Not to forget the food, have delicacies that are inspired by movies like "IT", "Annabel" and more. You can even spend some time watching horror movies and let her come close to you out of fear.

3. Stay home to feed trick-or-treat

Not everyone is interested in going out and partying or calling people over and dancing the night away. There are men out there who like to like to keep it low. Hence, for men like those, you can stay at home with lots and lots of candies with you. Why? You can feed all the kids (and adults) becoming at your door asking trick-or-treat. You obviously don't intend to scare them away, treating them with something good would be a great idea.

4. Watch a spooky play or a movie

I went with my best pals to watch a Macbeth (the play)last year and it was the best way to celebrate the holiday. If you know all about Halloween and want to spend it the right way by keeping it low as well as enjoying what you love to do, heading towards the theater would be a wise idea. If you don't like plays, drive-in movies are also a fun thing to do with your partner.

What do you plan to do this year?? Would you pick something from here or have it all planned already?? Do let us know in the comments below.

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