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Steps To Stop Excessive Sweating In The Privates

Men's Underwear

There are times when you’ve had a long day at work and you’re all sweaty. Talking specifically about the privates- people avoid talking about this topic because it is embarrassing and very common. However, you must understand that sweating is a common phenomena but excessive sweating can cause a lot of problems. Sweating in the privates is a common problem but there are a few solutions people look up to. This blog talks about the known and unknown solutions to get rid of excessive sweating.

Let us look at the handy solutions that will help you fix the excessive sweating problem.

Use cold water

It sounds terrible to talk about cold water in winters, but the motive here to keep your privates dry. Hence, when you take a bath with warm water, make sure you use cold water to clean your package off in the last. This technique will prevent the “sweating just after the bath” situation. This might be a little jittery for a moment or two, but eventually it will help the package stay dry for a longer span of time.

Talcum powder always works

You must have used it for yourself or have seen someone doing it. Talcum powder has the ability to soak up the sweat and prevent problems like chafing, bacterial infection and more. Hence, after your bath make sure you dab a generous amount of talcum powder in your privates, buttocks, inner thighs and undercarriage to keep them from chafing.

Breathable men’s underwear is a must

Sweat accumulates in parts where there is no breathability or air passage and you already are aware that the privates do not get enough air. Hence, make sure you pick up a revealing men’s underwear style that will let the air pass through for better breathability down there. You can go for styles like men’s thong underwear or men’s jockstrap underwear. The exposure provided by the sexy underwear styles are perfect for keeping you comfortable and breathable even in the most hostile situations. Cotton is the most preferred fabric by both males and females world over for the right comfort, breathability and durability in their fashion underwear.

Avoid loose fitted undergarments

Breathable apparel and loose ones are two different aspects of the same apparel because it is not important that every loose men’s underwear style is breathable and vice versa. In the earlier aspect it was mentioned that breathable underwear is a must have, not the loose ones. This is because if the apparel is too loose; your thighs will rub against each other and rashes will occur because of the same.

Heal chafing before anything

With excessive sweating comes chafing right behind it. One of the most common ailments; it can be a lot more problematic than thought. Hence, if chafing occurs down there, make sure you let it heal first before and get the pelvic area healed. There are numerous steps and solutions to prevent and cure chafing which is again a common ailment that occurs due to constant rubbing of sensitive skin with tight clothes.

Control shaving frequency

Whether you prefer to shave your privates or trim your pubic hair; make sure you plan it after certain intervals. Do not clean your pelvic area before 4 weeks of interval. It gives an opportunity to your skin to recover from the last activity. Moreover, less/no hair would surely prevent sweat accumulation but will encourage irritation.

The constant perspiration in your groin and inner thighs causes TERRIBLE irritation, rashes, dryness, odor and a whole bunch of other problems. These steps will surely make you feel dry and good down there. However, you must keep in mind every remedy and use it regularly.

For the men’s underwear styles that are helpful in healing chafing as well as for increased breathability, check out mensuas.com.

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Men’s Thong Underwear Types

Men's Thong Underwear

You must all be very well aware of the sexy men’s thong underwear and have a fair idea about the time when the occasion demands a flawlessly, handsome attire that reveals nothing than your toned physique. Originally, considered to be the women’s novelty, thongs might have been one of the oldest men’s underwear styles. They are available in a variety that differs in terms of coverage, waistband and various fabrics matching different personalities. Men have been wearing thongs for thousands of years. Sumo wrestlers wear an item that resembles a thong called a ‘mawashi’, while men from other cultures have worn thongs for personal support for centuries.

Let us look at the various types and styles of thongs for men available today.


The conventional thong features a pouch at the front for support (optional) that connects via a string to the rear of the waistband. This design leaves the butt exposed, but still manages to cover the butt crack. When compared to a g-string, the traditional thong is considered to be more modest.


Men’s G-strings are one of the sexiest ways to go minimal under any kind of clothes. They are skimpy, revealing and highly erotic. Originally they were worn by exotic dancers, but have since gained enormous popularity among men for the sensuous and sexy appeal.

Daniel Alexander Men's Underwear | Mensuas


Somewhat like the g-strings, T-back thong is a V-shaped pouch that covers the privates, with a string that passes between the legs and attaches to the thin waistband.


Did you really think that g-string was the sexiest apparel style known to man? If you did, you’re mistaken. Men’s C-string is the most daring line of sexy underwear for men that will definitely grab your attention and drop your jaw. The construction is like a headband that tucks down there without any support. The front of the C is more like a funnel that inserts the manhood and the rest is more like a flexible band that passes through the buttocks and rests on the hip line.


Tanga can also be called as the Brazilian cut rides low on the waist and covers more flesh on both front and rear than any of the other styles of thong. The cuts on the sides are extremely high to reveal and enhance the muscles of the thighs.

Cheeky Thong:

A cheeky thong has a very low waistband and material that passes between the legs, but the back of the thong rides high between the buttocks, similar to a thong, and is attached to the low waistband at the rear. This results in lots of skin show for a super sexy look.

Micro Thongs:

Micro thongs are barely-there exotic underwear that are similar in construction to the chip-cut g-string (women apparel), but are surely manly. The style features a back just like the conventional thongs.

When the idea is to look best without having a lot of fabric all over, one or the other style of thongs will work for you. Mensuas carries a varied assortment of thongs for men designed for the variety of occasions and needs. Shop your favorite style from the popular brands.

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Men’s Thongs?

Benefits Of Wearing Thongs

You all must have heard about thongs and specifically female ones but men’s thong underwear is somewhat a taboo in some places whereas; the others have accepted it with open arms. Thong is one of the most revealing style of men’s underwear known to mankind and is gaining momentum rapidly all over the world.

Sexy apparel is popular for its tiny construction, lot of exposure, breathability and ample amount of comfort. With all the basic information being provided to you about thongs; let us look at the advantages of being in men’s thong.


  • Comfortable:

    Men might find these pairs to be more comfortable than the rest as there’s less fabric, they’re lightweight and breathable than other styles like men’s boxer briefs, men’s bikinis etc.

  • Confidence:

    When you’re wearing these men’s sexy underwear, you have secret to hide that makes you feel more confident and desirable. Since there is less fabric under the pants and you know there’ll be nothing that’ll pay a visit from the pants; you’ll be all happy and confident.

  • Enhancement:

    With just the required amount of fabric on the front and rear for the show, exotic underwear enhances the suppleness of your buttocks. It makes them look fuller and round.

  • Sensuality:

    Men love thongs as much as women and when the idea is to set the mood for the evening; there cannot be a better option that being these skimpy underwear.

  • Prevent underwear lines:

    No coverage, no fabric leads to no nasty underwear lines that keep coming up from your tight pants or lowers.

  • Raise your sex appeal:

    If you’re a guy who wants to feel sexy with what you already have or want to have a great time of intimacy, it is highly recommended that you get yourself men’s thong .

  • Feeling of freedom:

    The construction of the entire piece has just a narrow fabric on the front that holds the boy together and keeps it minimal over all.

With all the advantages being talked about; we must see the other side of the thongs as well.


  • Infection:

    They are more prone to transport bacterial and fungal infection than any other men’s designer underwear style.

  • Irritation:

    Guys with sensitive might face a problem with thongs as the tiny apparel rides up the butts and cause irritation. However, the right fabric would minimize the irritation and you will easily adapt the comfort of a thong.

Whether you love them or hate them, thongs are here to stay and the regular thong wearers have a lot to say in praise of the style and its comfort. There are various brands such as Agacio, Good Devil, Daniel Alexander, Cover Male, Intymen, Miami Jock and so many more. Check out the wide range to get thong underwear collection in trendy looks.

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Something About Your Underwear (Part-2)

In the last blog we had talked about some rare facts of men’s underwear and this blog is in continuation of the same. Here also we’ll be talking about some of facts that are unheard by you and are not talked about.

Let us look at the next set of “something” about your men’s designer underwear.

Changing priorities.

Earlier when men knew less about their basic clothing apparels; comfort and covering were the top priorities but gradually the focus was drifting to comfort, style, fit and lift. Where comfort is still most wanted and looked for; style, fit and lift came in essential features which are needed by the modern male anatomy.

The low sperm count.

You all must have heard about the fact that by wearing men’s brief underwear, one might face the problem of lower sperm count. However, no one has ever talked about the solution to it except asking to avoid wearing it. Practically, it is not briefs that are the problem here are the tight apparels that causes heat in the private that causes low sperm count. Hence, one should avoid tight briefs and go for softer fabric blends and brands like Agacio or any other.

Underwear cost.

Are you one of those who believe that all great pairs of men’s exotic underwear are expensive? Then you must certainly look at the Mensuas catalog; where the starting price of a pair is $6. The best part is– it is branded. Some of us spend huge amounts to get that perfect pair which makes us feel exceptionally good down there but that is not right. When there are options to go for less expensive pairs without compromising with the fit, style and comfort; one must make the decision carefully.


You must have seen guys with falling pants nowadays. They actually think it is fashionable and no one knows where the trend came from. In reality, the trend came from the prisoners in U.S. who actually wore saggy pants in order to allure the other inmates. In order to fulfill their sexual desires, they pleased the other guys and flaunted their men’s fashion underwear. I’m sure you didn’t see this coming!


You must have heard about doctors advising both the sexes to regularly change their underwear. This, unlike the boxer brief underwear research is true. Every guy should stock up their drawer in order to change undergarments every day. One can get really bad fungal or bacterial infections by wearing the same pair for two consecutive days. You must wear only after washing them.

I hope these facts would be helpful to make your general knowledge better as well as have healthy, hygienic privates. Do let us know in the comments your reviews about the blog and check out mensuas.com for the new arrivals.

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Enjoy an Intimate Chocolate Day With Your Girlfriend

Chocolate Day - Mensuas

Does your girlfriend love chocolates? If yes, you are lucky. You can plan something outstanding this Chocolate day and make it memorable for both of you. The Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9, just before the Valentine Day and most couples take this day as an opportunity to get closer. You can also do the same.

Planning a Chocolate Day

Dining out or watching movies together is no doubt fun but to spend some quality time you need to do something different. This Chocolate Day, give these ideas a miss. Stay at home and get cozy with your girlfriend. Choose some easy recipes of chocolate and prepare a surprise meal for her. As a starter you can try a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart and write both of yours’ names on it.

Decorate your home with balloons and use scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Play your favorite music and dance with her. Treat her with brownies and chocolate mousse. Share your intimate secrets with her.

Of course, to make things work the way you want, you need to dress up for the occasion. Wear clothes that you would be comfortable in and look good also. You can team up your favorite pair of jeans with a trendy tee. Wrapping up a scarf around your neck will make you look irresistible. You can also wear a jacket in cool colors to create the perfect casual look.

While you plan your outfit, don’t forget your hair and nails. Wash your hair well and trim your nails too. The right men’s underwear will keep you comfortable and also allow you to enjoy yourself. If you are in the mood to surprise your girlfriend, try something unique from mensuas.com. You will be amazed by the range of sexy and comfortable men’s fashion underwear that is available here. You can easily find the right one that will add some spice to your Chocolate day celebration.

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong – Let Your Balls Breathe In

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong at Mansuas

Males who are looking for innovative underwear will surely like the Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong. This unique thong is designed to let the balls hang loose with the right support. A short slit in the pouch lets the balls have a ball without feeling hanging. So, that’s what makes this thong so unique and so sexy and comfortable.

Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong – features that make it stand out

This exotic underwear is made from soft and smooth microfiber that makes it very comfortable. The fabric is actually 93% polyester and 7% spandex. The contour pouch comes with an opening that lets the balls hang loose without feeling falling. The balls get the support from the soft elastic that trims the slot.

The Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong provides minimal coverage which most modern men seek to feel sexy and stylish.

Being low rise it falls below the waistline and is suitable for modern dressing. The Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong is not only unique in style but in comfort too and that makes it so coveted.

The males who want to have freedom with their package will definitely fall in love with this trunk.

Pros of Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong

The first thing males notice about this men’s sexy underwear is the comfort level. It is extremely comfortable to sport all day, thanks to the breathable fabric and the innovative design. It is good for casual dressing as well as for sportswear. Although most men liked it for making them feel sexy. The trunk provides good support and fits well too.

Men who are looking for something new and exciting will like this free-falling innerwear that lets them taste freedom in a different way. Men who want to add some spice to their love life can try this out to surprise their lady love.

Even men who were looking for an evening of fun and some self stimulation will also like this underwear.

Cons of Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong

This sexy piece of innerwear may not be suitable for wearing for a long time. It may rub against the skin and cause irritation when worn with underpants.

Men looking for sexy innerwear will love to sport Good Devil Ballz-Out Thong. It is comfortable, sexy, well-fitted and exciting too. Give it a try if you are not shy to show your wild side to your partner and want to make your love life exciting by trying new things.

Take a look at some best thong underwear styles by Good Devil here-

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Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk – The Ultimate In Fit And Support

Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk - Mensuas

Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk is the underwear males need to get that barely-there feel. The modal stretch fabric and unique cut and style makes it the must have for men who are ready to experiment with their innerwear.

Features that make Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk unique

Agacio means good in Greek and this trunk is just right for men. It fits right, looks great and is comfortable. Do men want anything more from their undies? No.

The Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk is made from 96% modal and 4% spandex. This unique combination makes the fabric stretchable and breathable. It makes the underwear soft, great to feel and also renders the right fit. The fabric provides the skin-like feeling that males love the most.

The waistband comes in contrasting black with the logo of the Agacio popping in front. The pouch is perfect with sack lifting technology to give the package not only a good fit but also a good boost.

The waistband being soft and light, feels comfortable against the body.
The cut is designed in a way to give the pouch a proper fit that men require the most.

Pros of Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk

Most men who tried Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk were happy with the product. They highly praised the support that the trunk provided to their package. The good fit and the softness of the fabric was also liked. Some men even felt that it fitted like a glove.

Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk made men feel good and stylish too. It is perfect for daily wear and for casualwear also. It is also good for athletic reasons. It is comfortable to wear round the clock and the breathable and stretchable fabric made it a popular choice for men.

Cons of Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk

Some men were not happy with the product as they expected it to provide a better fit. Some even felt that the support provided was less. Some males may find it uncomfortable if they are used to wearing other brands of low rise trunk.

Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk seems to have won the hearts of males. Most of them were happy with the fit, support and comfort that it provided. Since men are going experimental with their underwear, Agacio Basics Low Rise Trunk may prove to be the right choice for modern men who are ready to wear their attitude.

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Men Underwear: Captured The Lingerie Market In Its Grip!!

Men Underwear at Mensuas

Gone those days when market was filled with designer lingerie for women only. At the initial stage of undergarments market, men were considered as the secondary object, but now the condition has changed, men underwear market is as flourishing as women. Even women now want their counterpart to wander at the beaches in the sexiest piece, where men can grab the eyes of everyone on their masculine part of the body.

Underwear is the safeguard of men’s genital part. Besides protecting private parts from shock it also keep them warm in cold conditions and provides erotic effect. It is very essential to choose the right undergarment as it remains constantly touch with your most sensitive part of the body. Never consider low quality material as it can create problem, always select branded underwear as it is made up of high quality fabric.

Today, many online companies are providing a great collection of men’s underwear. Their business is up to the mark in providing latest trendy underwear made from finest fabric.  They have appointed most experienced designers of the market that keep introducing the latest trends. Some of the trendy types of underwear’s that have rocked the marked nowadays are:


Black boxer can make any women seductive. It you want to add adventure to your night, try red or blue. Always wear boxers of short leg, just halfway down the thigh.

Boxer brief:

this is the best kind to entice the opposite sex as women love this alternative of boxers and briefs. It will provide you indescribable masculine comfort and will enhance your confidence, ultimately improving your performance. Whether it is big board meeting or a game of love at night, you will surely be winner at every front.


it converts a man into more stylish and sexier person on the poolside or at the beach. Always try to select some bold colors as they will add zing to your day. Wearing Bikni in bold red or yellow color will make your woman to come with you in water and her yearn will turn the water on fire, definitely.


: if you have strong, masculine hips and find no reason to hide them, then you should wear G-string as it has no rear coverage. Its narrow strip in the back extends from the crotch to the waistband. It’s considered very sexy as it reveals your buttocks for your girl.


it is the newest trend in men’s panty world. It eliminates the waistband and forms a “C” shape in a special frame that provides the perfect shape to your dick. A masculine body wearing only a C-string walking on the beach is a treat for the eyes for all girls and envy to their men.

How to Get Men’s Thong Underwear

With more men getting the hang of men’s thong underwear and it’s numerous benefits, designers offer a huge array of styles and designs according to the various personalities. While it might take some time to adjust with the revealing style if you are a newcomer; the thongs wearers claim that it is the most comfortable, breathable and supportive undergarment known to them.

Otzi Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Tips To Remember

  1. Firstly you should actually make up your mind whether you really want to try the sexy underwear or not. Consider the support, comfort and breathability with the additional functions like this style does not ride up like men’s boxer briefs or boxers.
  2. Choose the brand you prefer. There are a plethora of brands that offer men’s fashion underwear from the functional purposes to pleasure purposes. Brands like Cover Male, Intymen, Agacio and others manufacture comfortable, supportive thongs whereas; Good Devil, Miami Jock, Candyman, etc master the art of designing exotic underwear style for pleasure purposes.
  3. Search the collection of men’s underwear store Mensuas and look for the various types of thongs available. You can choose from enhancing underwear, men’s cock rings, men’s g-strings as well as other host of options for you. Choose the right fabric for yourself according to the occasion for which you’re looking for. They feature various waistband thickness, skin coverage and pouch styles.
  4. Go online. I might have mentioned a number of times that online shopping is definitely better than wasting your valuable time searching retailer stores. You get the value added services like discounts, privacy, various payment options, a variety of colors, fabrics and most importantly you get it under one roof. However, it is highly recommended that you know your size rather than just take a guess when buying online–most men need a thong that’s slightly bigger than regular underwear.

Mensuas is the leading underwear store that specializes in offering great brands, functional products with exceptional customer service. You can choose from subtle, sophisticated to sexy and racy designs, prints, patterns. So, go online at Mensuas, shop your favorite pair and stock them up to bring vibrancy in your top drawer at the most affordable prices.

Do let us know in the comments below which brand and style appealed your eye from the huge inventory of Mensuas.

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The Most Comfortable- Agacio Basic Thong

Agacio Basic Thong - Mensuas

Agacio means ‘good’ in Greek and the products by the brand surely compliment the name. Agacio Basic Thong is one of the most popular men’s underwear at Mensuas. The men’s thong underwear is comfortable, functional and sexy. The super soft fabric blend of 96% Modal and 4% Spandex feels like a second skin on your body.

What we like?

Agacio does not manufacture products that are not liked by men themselves. So literally, having seen the reviews on the website, you’ll get the assurance of trying one of them.


Designer underwear has a snug fit with perfect pouch for man. The sack lifting technique incorporated provides a subtle yet sexy lift to your boy leaving the sides for the view. The rear has a little more fabric than offered by other brands that manages to hide the butt crack.

Rating: 4.5/5


Comfort runs in the bloodline of Agacio. All the products including Agacio men’s thong underwear are ‘tailored by men, for men’ keeping in mind the need of men’s intimate clothing. The majority of reviews given by Agacio wearers are that they love the way these fit and give comfort. One of a verified customer at Mensuas gave the following feedback.

Rating: (5/5)

“I love the way these fit. They are very comfortable, and everything fits in them nicely without exposing genitalia. I will be getting more of these. They fit much better than others I have tried”

What we don’t like?

The entire product is very well crafted to keep it minimal and soft on the skin, the only problem that came across was the back stitch. According to the wearers, some found the stitching on the rear a little rough in comparison to the smooth pouch. If you really feel that the problem persists, try wearing the thong inside out (nobody will know) and you’ll be back to feeling great.

Who can wear it?

Men who seek to try these men’s underwear for the first time; this is the best and most comfortable piece that gives you a happy experience of sexy underwear. Rest of you, who know what a thong looks and feels like, this is surely going to add on the sex appeal to your personality.

These can be worn everyday to work as well as tempt and tease your partner on those special nights. Guys, you can try these and pamper your privates; but until you try them, you’ll never know how they feel. Hence, try them and do leave a comment below telling us how you felt after wearing Agacio Basic Thong Underwear.

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