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7 things men do when nobody is watching

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7 things men do when nobody is watching

Who said anything about women being the mysteries that God created and got confused himself? Join your hands and blow the trumpets for men - they certainly aren't the simplest of the creations after all. Withholding a gamut of mysteries, men prefer to do a lot of things when nobody is watching them. We, at Mensuas, tried to pull the curtains down and lay down the 7 things (hilarious, nasty, disgusting and fun) men love to do when they know that nobody is watching them.

Pick their girl's things and TRY them

Whether it is the hair straightener which they use on their beard to see the change actually happening to their panties to feel how comfortable they are. Well, there's no harm in trying what belongs to your partner, but when you already have men's panties, why would you choose something so intimate that your partner wears? Every man has doubts about panties and you can clear them here.

Flipping dirty underwear to wear them the next day

Sounds gross?? Men laughing or secretly giggling while reading this are the ones who do this all the time. Whether the reason is that you aren't feeling well and weren't able to do the laundry or the laziness that kept you looking at the pile of dirty clothes that are constantly staring at you so that you take the first step in cleaning them, the outcome is - you are not left with a clean pair of briefs for men. This is one of the bad habits that men commit and should stop doing it for the sake of the male anatomy.

Roam naked at home

Freedom is all they want when they know that there's nobody to judge them. Hence, they prefer to go without clothes and do everything that they're supposed to do without wearing anything. My boyfriend is a clear example of this habit and does it all the time. If he'll come to know that I am sleeping or not at home, he would do everything at home - from cooking, cleaning the dishes, laundry, dusting and everything else without wearing even his men's underwear. Men feel comfortable this way and FREE.

Talk to their mothers about their partners

It is not always women who gossip and tell each other about minute details, even men do it. And, their secret holder or sharer are their mothers. They would tell her everything you did or said to them when you're not around. It would be like besties sitting together and discussing life and goals. I guess mothers are the ones who wouldn't judge you when you put your heart out and give you the correct advice.

Spend a lavish amount of time in the toilet

I don't know if it happens when no one is around, but men do spend a looooot of time sitting on the toilet doing I don't know what. I generally read books or play games!! Well, that sums it up but men do have their own things that they love to do when they have their so-called "alone time". From reading the entire newspaper to watching a GoT episode, that is the best place for them to be.

Smelling their armpits

Ewww!! Isn't it?? But, it is absolutely true!! The reason could be any, from you trying to save the other person from dying of your body odor to keeping the dapper look by smelling whether you come across pleasing or not, men take great pleasure in doing something like this.

Do karaoke - out loud

Especially in the shower, men love to sing loud their favorite songs or stand in front of the screen, read the lyrics and behave as if they are performing at a music concert. They find it a way to vent out the stress and be more of a feeling that no one else would judge. Hence, they do it when no one's watching them.

What do you do when you're alone? Do share yours in the comments below.

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