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Below The Belt Grooming Guide for Men

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Oh yes! You heard it right. You must have read a lot about men's grooming in totality but under the belt is a taboo topic and is less talked about. Recently I was with some of my friends and my curiosity brought up the top of how they manage to keep it clean and green down there. Some said manscaping was the best while others believed that leaving it as it is would keep them healthy.

The reason why I took up this topic is that the basic health or what we call hygiene starts from the most intimate part of the body, i.e. the privates. This blog talks about the various aspects that are not considered talking about in public for your stylish and healthy living.

Shaving the pubic hair

When it comes to popularity, shaving the pubic hair which is also called 'manscaping' has outdone every other method of cleaning the pelvic area. What are things you should consider while trimming, shaving or even waxing the area around the manhood? Let us look at them.
  • Trim before anything else: It is always suggested to trim the pubic hair before to move forward for shaving or waxing. This decreases the length of the pubic hair and helps in cleaning the entire area with ease. There are numerous trimmers available in the market from brands like Philips and more.
  • A cold shower is a necessity: Coldwater makes the sensitive skin less vulnerable. Hence, before you shave, make sure to dab a lot of cold water to prepare your manhood for cleaning.
  • Keep it gentle: Make sure you use shave gel to soften the hair and also give gentle strokes with utmost care keeping in mind your manhood and its importance. You surely don't want to hamper your privates after all.
  • Make it a routine: Well, if you do it once to impress your partner, I guess you're going to face a hard time later. The itchy feeling will make you go crazy and tempt you to reach out for that quick scratch. In order to save yourself from that, make sure you shave the area after certain intervals when you think it should be done.

Chafing is serious

Chafing Another integral part of a man's life is chafing, which can happen to anybody because of the hard work and daily schedule. It sounds small but lemme tell you, it is one serious problem that can make you lose your mind out of pain, sweat and that temptation to scratch. There are ways to heal and prevent chafing which includes keeping it dry, wearing the right kind of men's underwear, cleaning it properly and more.

Treat the unique aroma of the groin well

Men think only women have their own unique smell and confuse theirs to be filthy. They do everything to remove it from cleaning and scrubbing (prohibited) to applying cologne or deodorant down there. Let the smell be and make sure, you keep it hygienic down there.

Well, in conclusion, I would say that dress well (from the basic fashion underwear to your shirts or jackets) and keep it hygienically stylish. Wear the styles that you love (it can be anything from men's brief underwear to male thongs) and stay healthy.

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6 thoughts on “Below The Belt Grooming Guide for Men

  1. avatar Caleb Perez says:

    Thank you for such an intense blog that talks about the area which is not visible to all. However, I loved the way the techniques have been mentioned in order to keep the manhood as well as the private area clean and healthy. One must take this quite seriously as it is an important part of the male body.

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