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Rules for Wearing Pouch Underwear

Rules for Wearing Pouch Underwear

"What you have to do is, play by the rules"

You must have heard and read a lot of quotations about rules and how you must break them if you really want to do something extraordinary in life. However, when it comes to fashion and that too, the intimate one, playing by the rules is a smart move. The section of men's underwear has many rules and regulations if you start taking a look at them all, you'll boggle your mind.

Taking things step by step, we'll start with men's pouch underwear that we've discussed before and all about the respective designer underwear style. Having known what exactly the style is all about and also the benefits of having one for yourself, this blog would lay down the various rules that you must be aware of before opting for something so specific and functional.

No adjustment pouch

The very first rule that you need to look out for is that you must invest in a pouch that doesn't let you adjust throughout the day. If this factor is not paid attention to, what's the whole purpose of having the style in the first place? Make sure whether you choose low rise bikini underwear or the conventional brief with a protruding front, the pouch is the most important aspect to be considered. Good Devil Underwear

Comfort matters more than you think

You must have read the same in probably all my blogs that comfort never gets the least priority. Comfort is what comes with how the fabric makes you feel like or the fit on your body. Moreover, if you are comfortable in the skimpiest of male thongs, you won't regret it in comparison to when you slip into a style that you've been wearing for years now. Hence, keep comfort first!

Meant for no regular days

If you get to eat your favorite waffles day and night, how long will it take for you to get bored of them? A week or more than that? Well, it might take you not more than 3 days to be done with it when you can't any longer. Likewise, when it comes to pouch underwear, you might see it as a functional pair that provides you enhancement on the regular days, but it'll not come across as a confident feeling after some time. Hence, keep it for occasions when you really need to look up to the mark. On the other days, they have sexier styles to add to the confidence level.

On the contrary, if you really have the desire to have them below the belt to work every day, you are free to do that as well.

Did we miss out on anything? Do let us know in the comments below your favorite pair of pouch underwear.

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One thought on “Rules for Wearing Pouch Underwear

  1. avatar Dan says:

    I love pouch underwear! I love the skimpiest possible. I enjoy wearing them far more than wearing nothing, witch I always did before I found these great wearing, enhancing undies. I own several colors including white. Keep up the good work!

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