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Want to look sexy even with some fat gain? Switch to thongs for men

Do you think that you are healthy, bulgy and dont look sexy, then you are wrong because with these mens thongs underwear you look hot and sexy.

Christmas Sale

Did this ever happen to you that you bought your favorite pair of denim or T-shirt and now that denim or T-shirt doesn't belong to you because you don't fit into that clothing anymore? Thanks to the unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits which you have been following, I don't know since when. 

But what if, I tell you that there is one such pair of male underwear that can still fit you regardless of how thin or fat you are. It's none other than men's thong underwear.

Daddy underwear

Men's thong underwear is a style that comes with a pouch and a thin waistband. Furthermore, it does not give the wearer that much amount of coverage which you can get in styles like men's brief underwear and boxer briefs. This style of male underwear is comfortable, lightweight, and supports your manhood just like any other pair of lingerie.

Now, the feature which makes this tiny pair of underwear interesting is, regardless of how fat or thin you are, you will still feel great in it because thongs for men are designed in such a manner that you can still feel comfortable, sexy, and supportive. Moreover, you get the right boost of confidence because of its skinny silhouette. The design of male thongs provides great exposure to your features like thighs and butt. 

The waistbelt in thongs are flexible hence whatever is your waist size, wearing thongs doesn't feel irritated.

What else to expect from thong underwear for men?

Thong underwear for men is more intimate

Wearing this tiny pair of men's underwear is a great way to spice things up because you feel desirable and much more confident, as a result, you feel like taking charge of things. Furthermore, the fabric panel in the style on the crotch area enhances the entire appearance of your male genitals and the suppleness of your buttocks. Hence you get fuller and rounder buttocks. 

Cover Male CMK060 Half Naked Thong

Thong underwear for men promote hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene is very important in the case of men's underwear because a dirty pair of underwear can cause various issues down there. In the case of male thongs, your body tends to trap less sweat and with less sweat, the chances of growing bacteria down there become less. 

Also, this sexy male underwear consumes less washing time. in simple words, it is low-maintenance underwear for men. 

Cover Male CMK055 Star Flower Thong


Not every person likes to spend like a boom on a tiny pair of clothing. And that's the reason why thongs are suggested. This sexy male underwear is budget-friendly and there are several online websites like Mensuas that offer discounts and deals on styles. Currently, Mensuas is running a Christmas sale on its official website and is offering 30% off sitewide. US customers will get free shipping and the sale is valid till 25th Dec. Make sure to use code SHIPFREE. The first-time customers can use coupon code: WLCMENSUAS. 

When occasions like Christmas are around the corner you tend to gain more weight because the food and sweets you eat have more calories compared to the food you have on regular days. Hence, becoming unfit is natural and we understand your concern about not fitting in your favorite pair of outfits or even in underwear. That's the reason why you should opt for thong underwear.

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