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Racer Boxer Trunk for men, a new way to live a better life!

Update your closet with Agacio Stud Brief underwear for men

Agassio is a Greek word that stands for good- that's the reason why you will find every Agacio's pair of men’s underwear comfortable and good because whenever they craft any pair of mens underwear they make sure you get maximum comfort out of it. This male underwear suffices to support the male genitals, just like these men's Racer Boxer Trunk.

Someone who is into 9 to 5 job or if you are someone whose day is incomplete without a workout, these boxer trunks for men by Agacio is perfect for you. This boxer trunk includes a pouch, waistband and fabric which covers your entire back profile. The contour pouch used in it is embraced with the help of contrast colored piping. Also, it let your manhood stay free.

These men's boxer trunks include contrast colored piping on the edge of your underwear. This entire Race boxer trunk is held with the help of a broad waistband, displaying the name of the brand. Racer boxer trunk for men is snug-fitting underwear that embraces the shape of your butt when you wear them with your fitted or low-waist trousers. For a better fit, invest in the right pair.

After the design structure next, we have the fabric section. Racer boxer trunk for men has been crafted in fabrics such as polyamide and spandex. Polyamide as a fabric is known for its excellent dimensional stability. It remains soft on the skin leading to a better feel and also, it's highly flexible so if you wish to add them with your track pants, you may. Next, spandex. Spandex is the complete package, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, resistant to perspiration, and blessed with great elasticity, durability and strength which is why it is mostly used in your lingerie.

Agacio AGG043 Racer Boxer Trunk for men

So long story short, you can wear these men's boxer trunk on any occasion.

Besides the Grey/Navy color combination, these boxer trunks are available in other colors such as Navy/White, White/Black. These have been designed in different sizes as well.

Whether or not you are blessed with a splendid physique, these boxer trunks for men will provide the same amount of support, comfort and strength.
There are certain washing instructions which you need to follow. Even though it has been crafted in one of the toughest fabric compositions still there are few tips which we would like to give you.

First, do not wash them in the washing machine as it will start ruining the shape of your underwear and the quality of the fabrics used in it gradually. Second, instead of tumble drying, air drying is something that we would prefer. Third, say a no to bleach, ironing and chlorine-based detergents. Fourth, find a place that doesn't receive direct sunlight as it acts as a natural bleach which can fade the color of your underwear. Lastly, no matter how comfortable you feel in this male underwear, you still cannot wear them before going to bed.

Agacio is known for providing some of the best lingerie styles. They have seen many phases, from-manly-colors-phase to vibrant-colors-phase. From men's brief underwear, boxers, bikinis and jockstraps for men every style is unique and capable of supporting manhood in extreme conditions so if you are someone who is planning to purchase from Agacio for the time but, have no idea about their quality we would suggest you to blindly go for it. You won't regret it!

Key Features:

1. Includes Contour Pouch
2. Broad waistband
3. Snug-fitted
4. Appropriate for your regular activities and workout sessions
5. Embraced with contrast piping
6. Comfortable and supportive
7. Made of Polyamide-Spandex


Agacio AGG043 Racer Boxer Trunk available in three colors

Grey/Navy, Navy/White, White/Black

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