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Hammock men's G-string is the secret behind that nice bulge

This sexy male underwear includes a pouch, string-like waistband, and a little fabric at the back which hides your butt crack. These G-string for men are so light in weight that you feel as if...

Hammock men's G-string is the secret behind that nice bulge

Cover Male as you all know is a men’s lingerie brand that caters to all the styles such as boxer briefs, men's boxer shorts, male jocks, G-string, and lots more. Since January 2012, Cover Male has been surprising the entire male population with their fashionable yet comfortable mens underwear and this time it is back with a mesmerizing and exotic pair of G-string, Hammock G-string for men.

Cover Male Hammock G-string underwear is all about your male genitals and butt crack, which means this freshly launched men's underwear by Cover Male covers only the manhood and butt crack, leaving the rest of the parts uncovered.

This sexy male underwear includes a pouch, string-like waistband, and a little fabric at the back which hides your butt crack. Because it does not include an excess fabric, the person wearing these remains sweat-free and feels light. Its contour pouch highlight the name of the brand.

These G-string for men are so light in weight that you feel as if nothing is surrounding your male genitals down there, which is another best feature of the Hammock G-string underwear for men.

Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

Speaking about the fabrics, this delicate looking male underwear includes fabrics such as Polyamide and spandex. Polyamide and spandex enhance its strength, durability, and flexibility so if you are looking for something exactly like this grab them before it gets out of stock. Hammock G-string for men is available in Red and Royal Blue besides Black. Men of any size can pick these because it is available in different sizes.

We do not recommend such skinny male underwear for day-to-day activities as they are fragile, therefore, one should limit them for special occasions. This sexy men's underwear is not even recommended for machine wash and should be washed gently with hands and soft detergents.

We would recommend you to keep them away from direct sunlight because it can ruin the original color of your male G-string. You wouldn't like that!

Though it seems easy to carry, but not for the ones who have never worn something so sensual. These require a hell of a lot of confidence, so before you think of picking them, think about boosting your confidence. You can either wear them when no one is at home. You can do contemporary dance, ballet just to check how comfortable you feel in Hammock men's G-string and once you feel that you are ready, preserve them for your pool parties, beach time, and flaunt them with confidence.

As a beachwear, you can style it up with a white formal shirt leaving the buttons open, a tank top, and a casual T-shirt, and when you wear them, wear them as if you own it. Instead of expressing through words, let your underwear do the talking.

Hammock G-string underwear by Cover Male is available on different websites such as Skiviez, Mensuas, and the official website of Cover Male. Add your favorite pair today.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable, lightweight, and supportive
  • Include contour pouch
  • String like Waistband
  • Embrace your manly features
  • Perfect for your beach time


Cover Male CML019 Hammock G-String

  • Royal Blue
  • Black
  • Red


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

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