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Brand New: Smokin Hot Cover Male Tropics Micro Bikini


Brand New: Smokin Hot Cover Male Tropics Micro Bikini


I say whaaaat?? Such a hunkilicious dude!! Wearing a such a micro bikini underwear for men, this model looks absolutely stunning. With something that enhances what you have down there with a hunky physique, you are in a clear shot with awesomeness and superb personality. The model here is wearing the Cover Male Tropics Micro Bikini which was recently launched by the men’s underwear brand.

Well, Cover Male underwear has been there in the industry for half a decade and has been covering males in some of the most fashionable and sexiest men’s hot underwear styles. One of the most recent ones being this men’s bikini underwear that has a micro added to it. With a low-rise fit on the body, you get to enjoy the string bikini underwear feeling that makes sure you don’t have to think about rolling waistbands. The design and the construction of the bikini underwear for men features a stringy design - a string waistband that holds the place on the right hip and as it goes towards the left, it divides into two. One of the thick strings continue to be the waistband whereas; the other one bends down and becomes the edge of the pouch top and still goes to the back where they join in together. 

Cover Male CMI036 Tropics Micro Bikini

On the back, the coverage features a triangular piece of fabric covering the butts partially and some skin is left to be flaunted to the best. Coming back to the front, you get to enjoy a pouch enhancing underwear fit and feeling down there. Cover Male underwear ensures that no matter what sex appeal it provides in the line of designer underwear for men, but the priority is given to the pouch and what it carries. Likewise, the male bikini introduced by the brand features a front that provides a bulge in the pants but also comforts and supports the manhood to its best.

This Smokin Hot Covermale Tropics Micro Bikini is available in these different vibrant colors. You can get your most likely color from these amazing colors.


Mens Bikini Underwear


Starting from the colors available in the men’s bikini underwear to the features that this provides, everything makes it perfect for your personality. Take a look at the detailed features that you’d find in this men’s bikinis.

  • Men’s bikini underwear
  • Low rise underwear with a string waistband
  • Twin string design on the left hip
  • Triangular coverage in the seat with a protruded bulge in the front
  • The pouch enhancing underwear features a thick center seam that adds more room
  • Polyamide and spandex fabric composition


Want to check it out? You can check out and buy the men’s bikini underwear here - Cover Male CMI036 Tropics Micro Bikini 

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