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WildmanT Gay Underwear

Just why is WildmanT branded as "Gay Men's Underwear?"Well clearly the underwear itself is not gay and you don't have to be gay to like it or wear it. We brand it "gay" because the product line is a little forward thinking. We created the world's first Ball Lifter. This was a garment unlike any other on the market that was designed to lift your balls higher so your cock would be lifted and pushed forward. Basically...a bra for your nuts to give a guy a bigger package.


WildmanT Gay Underwear | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

WildmanT Fashion Underwear-

Just like any product in the course of time, if it had to do with fashion or vanity, the gays were the first ones to embrace. Manicures, highlights, fashion were originally not manly enough for straight men. In time, we got the evolution of metrosexuals and the straights slowly caught up to the gays. I am not saying straight men won't want to wear a male enhancing suit soon, but it was just smarter to target the community who pushes the envelope further and first.

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