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What’s trendy about men’s jockstrap underwear ?

It’s no secret that jockstraps for men are gaining popularity these days. Stitched in a 3-dimensional pouch, mens jockstrap are made to protect the genitals during physical activities or foreplay. There are two elastic straps attached to the pouch’s base to the left and right side of the waistband respectively, so as to hold the grip tightly. When it came, its only purpose was to assist the male genitals during sports or athletic activities as men were mostly into games and sports. But with the new advancements in the men’s clothing industry, male jockstraps became one of the favorite variants of men and even their partners.


Kyle KLE007 The Cocktail Jockstrap



To understand a bit more about hot underwear for men first let’s read a brief history lesson:


The first-ever jockstrap came to light in 1874 when C.F Benett recognized the need for both comfort and support for cyclists. The cobbled streets of Boston made it hard for the cyclists to ride their bikes. Imagine yourself riding a bicycle on cobblestone roads! Then the Bike Web company also came to offer support to them and was known as “Bike Jockey Strap”. 


After about two decades, mass production of jockstrap for men began and athletes got used to wearing the jockstraps for their sporting activities.


Daddy DDE045 Papi Jock

Interestingly one version of the jockstrap was the Heidelberg electric belt, a sort of low voltage jockstrap, claimed to cure the diseases like insomnia, kidney disorders, and others. 


Though the popularity of men’s jockstraps slowed down a bit in the 80s and 90s because of the arrival of boxer shorts, it eventually rose because of the comfort it provided.

Today the company has sold over 300 million male jockstraps all over the world.


What makes the jock any different?

As its been realized while giving a good look at the line of male jockstraps that have a design and built quality which makes them stand out of all the men’s designer underwear categories. Well, then its time to look upon certain aspects that make the mens jockstraps different from the rest.

Construction: By taking a brief look towards the style of other categories like the male bikini, men’s g-string, thongs for men, you will find a little bit of similarities that would actually make a normal person confused. However, if seen in the male jockstraps, its got a unique design like the exposed back, which cannot be found in any other style.

Purpose: Talking about the usage of the undies, the other categories are actually made to be a regular wear. While the jockstraps for men are inspired from the vision of enhancing that manhood. Not only this, this male underwear style also focusses on protecting your assets from injuries while playing.

The variants: Unlike the other styles, this men’s underwear style has got different style variations (sporty and fashionable), so that you can rock both your worlds.


 Good Devil GDE055 Impact Jock

What calls for men’s jockstrap underwear?



Jockstraps for men can be used for various purposes and occasions but in the end, it is only up to you how comfortable you feel and what underwear style you chose to flaunt your hot body. Here are some of the points that can be an important factor when you decide to opt for the hot mens underwear:


  • For sports & workout- Male jockstraps are your best friend when it comes to sports or exercise. Why? Because it is specifically designed for athletic purposes and its aim is to assist you on your morning jog or when you want to show off your sporty body.
  • For your daily wear- The pouch is made of breathable fabric that comprehends your normal pants. Its non-restricting fabric material allows you to move freely and can be worn on every occasion either for official purposes, special night and you can also wear on daily basis.

  • For enhancing sex appeal- Do you know you can increase your personality and flaunt off your hot body by wearing mens jockstrap? Yes, today’s jockstraps highlight your main features and shape and bring out the best in you to enhance your personality. Those days are gone where men didn’t know how to look sexy. With the hot underwear for men, you can easily grab anyone’s attention.

Cover Male CME018 Backless Jockstrap

  • For Comfortable snug-With this designer underwear for men, that comes with minimum fabric, you can move freely without worrying much about the extra cloth and also need not worry about chafing.

  • For storing the assets in one place- With the solid pouch that the men’s jockstrap underwear has, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or shy about your genitals as they have the constructive ability to support and store the male genitals in one place. The designer underwear for menprovides equal support, comfort, and grip so that your assets won’t hang or move like a pendulum.


Style & type of men’s jockstrap underwear


In the later past, the style of jockstrap for men has evolved greatly and has shifted its gear from sports to fashion. Though there are still men’s jockstraps available that help the male genitals during sports activities but on the other side you can also see the bold and daring style that is meant to showcase the charm of men.

The brassy style of designer underwear for men covers the front while playing sports and leaves nothing at the back regardless of whether you are at the gym center, playground, or working out at home. While some male underwear styles are athletic and fashionable both at the same time, thus these can spice up your intimate affairs by taking out your manhood appeal.


  • Athletic jockstraps for men-

The only aim of sexy underwear for men is to keep everything in place and that can be possible because of the elastic waistband and its straps. To coordinate with the waistband the straps are made with elastic fiber to keep the pouch stored in one place. 

Daddy Underwear DDE042 Daddy Please Jock

  • Fashion jockstraps for men-

Made with the aim of giving the hot look, the hot underwear for men is built with revealing cuts and clumsy patterns. This underwear style is a modern version of the old jockstraps for men produced with the purpose of wearing on special occasions. 


Advantages of jockstraps


If you are planning to wear the jockstrap underwear for men, it is essential for you to know the benefits that come up with this underwear style so you won’t miss out on anything later on.

Here is an array of the lists of advantages that enhance the underwear style for men.


Less is more, more is less-


With barely any fabric, the men’s jockstrap underwear still provides you the complete support that any other underwear style would provide. The strong grip that the elastic waistband has is the only reason why mens jockstrap is in the men’s clothing industry for so long.


Greater butt look-


Along with the exotic front pouch, the jockstrap for men also makes your butt look fit and in perfect shape, giving you the icing on the cake! The leg bands attached to the waistband provide a certain lift that looks unimaginable stunning on the outside as well.


Undying comfort-


Comfort is the first attribute that you would want in any type of clothing and when it comes to men's underwear, then it becomes a priority. You may think how a little fabric can provide you comfort with fashion! Well, it is possible! Jockstrap for men caters to your need and provides you ample comfort both on a special occasion or for daily wear. 

Pistol Pete PPE032 Deep Jockstrap


Big exposure-


 Do you also feel irritated in summers when your underwear sticks to your skin? If that is the case, mens jockstrap won’t make you feel annoyed because of the bare fabric, you would be able to enjoy the sunny day and let your skin breathe well. You can easily get through the sunny heat and even the workout sessions.


Summing it up!


Although there are several reasons to buy mens jockstrap from quality, comfort, design, or fabric, you should also opt for the right underwear style considering your needs and wants. One should always invest in good quality fabric and not go for cheap quality because of the low fabric. Men with highly sensitive skin should always opt for high-end fabric.

Also, before you buy the mens jockstrap make sure you must know the reason and occasion for which you are going to buy the underwear style for men. Both the occasions and needs depend upon your lifestyle chores. If you are a sports person then you must choose the male jockstrap with a protective shield in the front that would protect you from injury and if you want to buy it for any other special occasion, then fashion jockstrap for men will fulfill your desires.


Time to bring these bad boys home!


If this is your first time considering mens jockstrap underwear as an option for you check out this store. Here you can get a diverse range of men’s underwear styles with premium brands to choose from. This mensuas online portal gives you all the trending and modern designer underwear for men keeping in mind your size, desires, personality and etc. Their product range is allotted with several sexy underwear for men. Not only this, but you also have the advantage of their customer-oriented policies and services that betters your whole shopping experience. 

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