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Top 10 Sexy Men's Underwear At Mensuas (Part 1)

Top 10 Sexy Men's Underwear At Mensuas (Part 1)
No matter what's your idea of sexiness; Mensuas has some of the most unique and designer men's underwear that is perfect for the different definitions of "sexy" for various personalities. Let us look at the top 10 men's sexy underwear available at the men's underwear online store.

10. PPU Thong Lilac:

The Lilac colored thong by the innovative brand PPU has made its mark in the top 10 because of the color combination and unique structure of men's fashion underwear. The peek-a-boo opening on the front gives more than just a preview. PPU Thong Lilac/Coral

09. Daniel Alexander Freedom Thong:

The oh so soft brand Daniel Alexander is made out of comfortable fabrics and the aspect makes this piece in the top 10 is the unique cut-out pouch. The pouch features a sexy cut that reveals more than just something inside it. It also accentuates what you already have.Daniel Alexander Freedom Thong Red

08. Clever Banana Monkey Brief:

Men's brief underwear has always been the most favorite among guys and if, it is Clever with its vibrant colors and naughty banana monkey print on the seat; it gets a lot better. This sexy brief is made with a cotton-spandex blend to provide a very comfortable feeling. Clever Banana Monkey Brief White

07. Agacio Boxer Short Grey:

Agacio is definitely one of the classiest and manly men's designer underwear brands. However, guys who love fabric all around these boxers shorts are very sexy. Innovative apparel lifts the male anatomy in a subtle yet sexy way. Agacio Short Boxer Grey

06. Intymen Skimpy Boy Shorts:

The short structure, forming fit and most importantly-the handsome colors of these boy shorts is what I actually feel makes it so sexy. It shapes out the manhood and gives it a lift that prevents chafing and enhances the profile on the whole. Intymen Skimpy Boy Short Green

This was the first half of the top 10 sexiest men's apparel available at For the next slot, stay tuned to this place. Any guesses of the products that will be there according to you in the top 5? Do mention them in the comments below.

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