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The Various Fly Options In Underwear

Have you ever heard of the horizontal fly? You would surely have experienced the vertical counterpart of the same, but it is high time you know about the horizontal fly in men's underwear. Whether you shop at brick and mortar shops or at men's underwear online stores; no matter what the color, fabric or style it is, you'll experience the fly on the pouch. Before the invention of horizontal fly, men had only two options- vertical fly or no fly. The former is also called the conventional fly whereas, it later shaped to form a contour pouch. Horizontal fly is the newest and the rarest of them all. It is not only for the show because the horizontal fly is functional and very appealing by the look. The question here is - what makes the varieties different? Let us look at the aspects and compare the two respective fly styles available in styles such as men's brief underwear and men's boxer briefs.

Easy access:

Men have been using the conventional fly for ages now and have dealt with its pros and cons. If you consider vertical fly to be perfect for easy access in the bathroom; it's time you think again. The vertical fly has an over-lapping construction that makes it a little difficult for the times when you are in urgency; however, the new option of the fly opens up like a drawer from the cupboard. It stretches well and provides an easier access to the manhood to come out and get back in easily.

It looks smooth and sexy:

The vertical fly is believed to make the frontal profile of the pouch look flattened due to the overlapping panels of fabric. The two layers of fabric tend to suppress the package which leads to tightness, discomfort and also does not define the manhood. However, some of the brands work on this aspect very well. On the other hand, the horizontal fly doesn't overlap each other up to an extent and provides an accentuated visibility.


In terms of comfort, horizontal fly definitely proves to be more comfortable. Why? The construction of the horizontal fly allows more room up front. While the other style is in coordination with the package, that has a closer contact with the privates which leads to more rubbing and irritation. These were some of the aspects that differentiated between the vertical and horizontal fly options. However, I prefer to go with the no fly underwear. It makes you work a little harder but keeps everything in shape and smooth on the front. So, what do you prefer- vertical, horizontal or no fly? Do let us know in the comments below. Read Also:

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2 thoughts on “The Various Fly Options In Underwear

  1. avatar Baird Alexander says:

    I do not like fly either. I do not know how people use it so functionally when I get scared of my junk getting entangled in the same. Hehe!!

  2. avatar Joseph Johnson says:

    Functional fly is old school. Only the classic brands now have the option of fly such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and more. I think nobody wears them now (except the old people). I wear all the brands that do not incorporate fly and keep it smooth on the front.

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