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Lets Talk About Good Underwear Habits

Maintaining good hygiene is very important for living a disease-free life and good hygiene is very important for underwear. A research was conducted regarding intimate hygiene of America in which 2000 men and women were surveyed to know how long they wear and keep their underwear. Well, 45% Americans claimed that they wear the same pair of lingerie for two days, 38% Americans have no clue when did they last changed their underwear( you can imagine how gross it must be) and 46% Americans were those you had the same pair of underwear for one year or more. It was just half of the respondents who admitted that they change your lingerie on a daily basis.

Now you must be wondering whether they men or women. Without any doubt, it was men. Though we don't know the reason behind this dirty act, all we know is, rather providing you health benefits, it's just making your manhood sick and its high time to adopt healthy underwear habits.

Well, good underwear habits are very simple and come with a lot of benefits so all the lazy men out there, get out of your dirty style of men's underwear and start scrolling this blog.

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 Good underwear habits

1. Clean your underwear regularly.

Cleaning your underneath is one of the basic practice which every person whether its male or female, must follow as clean underwear keeps you safe from microbes and bacteria.

You might not realize it but unwashed men's underwear is the breeding ground of bacteria and fungus and when they come in contact with your private parts, it leads to various health issues and rashes is one of them.

Washed lingerie doesn't consist of sweat, dirt and bacteria so no chance of discomfort.

2. Choose cotton over nylon and polyester underwear.

Nylon and polyester underwear is preferred for your workout session. when it's about choosing underwear for your regular wear, cotton is what you should prefer.

Cotton underwear prevents infection because they are extremely breathable so your manhood gets all the ventilation that it needs to keep yeast from growing.

Another reason to have cotton lingerie is, it won't let odor takes place whereas synthetic fabrics are capable of doing that. It prevents itching, is hypoallergenic and is comfortable are other factors.

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3. Don't be a miser.

Well, men hardly invest in 4-5 lingerie, whether its brief underwear or men's erotic underwear, they are good with 2 pairs of underwear and won't mind wearing the same underwear for two-three days, after all, who is checking you down there. According to reports, one must be the proud owner of 20 pairs of men's underwear. there is no harm in having more than that but at least 20 pairs are essential. If you are among those you prefer doing laundry once a week, you need to have at least 14 pairs including your day-to-day wear and exercise or travel wear. For regular wear, cotton makes sense and polyester, nylon underwear for your exercise and cardio sessions. The same goes in case of erotic underwear.

You can take advantage of offers and sale which keeps on going on Mensuas as you won't feel bankrupt.

4. Discard your men's underwear every six months.

With time, the fabric of your underwear starts losing its elasticity and slowly gets worn out. Though you might feel like dragging it for a few couple of months because you feel " everything is perfect" but that's the wrong practice that you have been practicing for months.

5. Avoid clothespin.

Though clothespin is very beneficial for drying clothes, in the case of lingerie, it will only lead to destruction. Clothespin has the potential to stretch your erotic style and daily wear underwear. Also, make sure that you lay down your clothes at the time of air drying garments.

So if you haven't taken any new year resolution this year and is still wondering, how about adapting " good underwear habits" after all its never too late to start.

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