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How To Wear A Protective Cup For Sports

There are many guys who care less about their manhood and leave it vulnerable by not equipping themselves with a protective cup while playing rigorous sports like soccer, rugby or football. This is not because they don't know about it; it is because they find it uncomfortable and restricted to be in something that is hard and stiff. This blog talks about the different kinds of cups (that fit in men's underwear); and also how to keep it comfortable down there. Let us put down some aspects that will help you get the best out of the protective cups without the feeling of discomfort and uneasiness.
  • Wear it with appropriate apparel:

    You must make sure that the protective cup should only be worn with men's jockstrap underwear or men's cup-brief that has an option of inserting the cup. However, if that does not happen and you try to fix in an ordinary pair; you might end up hurting yourself with the risk of dislocating the cup from the actual place.
  • Do not wear underwear underneath:

    Wearing a pair of men's briefs or men's thong underwear underneath might cause the problem of being a barrier between the cup and manhood. When you do not wear anything underneath the cup; it completely encases the penis and scrotum tightly to the body. Hence, make sure you do not wear anything inside the protective cup.
  • It should be of correct size:

    It is very necessary for you to get the correct size of the cup or else there are chances that your manhood would get hurt. In case of a bigger cup, it would not stay at one place and can get hit to slam the cup into the testicles, causing pain and possible injury. On the other hand, smaller cups would compress and harm the genitals.

Steps to wear it

  • Choose a comfortable pair of men's jock-straps that is comfortable on the skin and is supportive too.
  • Insert the manhood in the pear-shaped cup and allow the penis to hang down.
  • Let the cup to conceal the manhood and cover it properly in order to be sure that it has no harm.
  • Play Hard! Make sure you remove it as soon as you're finished with the game.
Jockstraps for men with protective cups are very functional but at the same time, can be very harmful as well. It should not be worn for longer spans because it is not breathable. Mensuas has a plethora of jock-strap underwear that are without the cup but are equally functional and enhancing. Related Stories:

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3 thoughts on “How To Wear A Protective Cup For Sports

  1. avatar George says:

    I play soccer and rugby. So I know the problem that happens when we play. men’s jock-straps are comfortable and hold the manhood safely throughout the Game. But, it is necessary to remove the cup as soon as you’re finished with the game.

  2. avatar Jack Miller says:

    I have always worn a cup in the jockstrap but it gets very painful when I remove it. Hence, I stopped wearing it then. My experience with the jock cup was not very good and hence I discontinued using it. Is there anyone else out there who’s faced the same problem of rashes and red marks because of the style?

  3. avatar Eric Perez says:

    Jockstraps and cups make me wonder sometimes that are cups really important? Should they really be worn with the jockstraps? And if they are so necessary, why are they not complementary with the product itself? I have never worn it with the cup but I am curious to know about it.

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