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When must you NOT wear Mens Thongs?

There always has been a lot of no-no about a lot of things around us no matter what you think about. Talking about the mens underwear styles, there'll always be...

There always has been a lot of no-no about a lot of things around us no matter what you think about. Talking about the mens underwear styles, there'll always be - you must not do that, you must wear this fashion underwear here and many such options. Well, when it comes to mens thongs, the rules and regulations increase because it is mens sexy underwear that is skimpier than other styles. There are a lot of advantages to having mens thongs. However, there are times when you must Not wear styles like mens g-strings, mens thongs or any mens sexy underwear style for that matter.

So, when must you avoid wearing mens thongs? You can go ahead and find out the times when wearing the respective mens sexy underwear style would be hazardous for your personality.

Otzi OTK018 Thong

When You Have An Infection Down There

We all get infections like flu and others but there are times when you're not careful and get that infection down there. Whether bacterial infection or fungal infection, you must avoid wearing any mens underwear style that belongs to the mens thongs family.

When you wear mens g-strings that have only a pouch with strings and if you have an infection, you just increase the chances of worsening the infection. So, if you have the slightest of the idea that you are on the verge of getting an infection, you avoid mens thongs or mens g-strings and choose a fabric-loaded and comfortable pair.

When You Have Not Been Bathing or Cleaning Up Yourself

Being a man, there are chances that you don't get under the shower or clean up yourself for more than 2 days, you must actually avoid wearing mens sexy underwear styles like these. Go for anything like string bikinis or something that has a broader fabric on the front as well as the rear. This leads to an open invitation to various kinds of infections. If not planning to bathe, make sure you clean your privates with soap and warm water.

Kyle KLK004 Micro Thong

When You Are Not Feeling Too Well

Whether you have the flu running or you have a fever, you must avoid wearing mens thongs. When you are not feeling too well, your immune system is weak and it allows the germs to actively to attack your immune system. Thus, it is wise to avoid thongs or else, you'll feel worse.

The Gymming Sessions

When you think of having headed to the gym, picking mens thongs or mens g-strings can be a problem. Well, sporty thongs can be thought about for once but you must not think about the style on a regular day. There are mens boxer briefs, mens jockstraps and other options which are perfect for gym sessions.

Agacio AGK024 The Reverse Thong

You must try to choose the latter than mens sexy underwear because workout causes sweat and that's when the above-mentioned problems happen.So, what do you think? Do you think there are other times when you can avoid mens thongs? Do let us know in the comments below.

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