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Behold the future of men's underwear - Jockstraps for men

Behold the future of men's underwear - Jockstraps for men

Underwear for men has encountered a lot of new designs and styles since the last century. Male underwear and its popularity among men regarding comfort levels have gained quite some recognition in the current fashion scenario around the globe. Who would have thought that men's underwear will be recognized as a fashion and lifestyle statement? Yet here we are, embracing men's underwear as an important part of the wardrobe and daily life. Men's underwear had to find a way to serve beyond the purpose of just covering your genitalia. There was a need for a men's underwear style which assured total support and protection to your Genitals during Rigorous and extreme physical activities. This gave birth to the concept of men's jockstraps.

History of men's jockstraps

Jockstraps for men were initially used as an apparatus used in medical treatment before it was accepted as a style statement providing both fashion and function. Jocks for men was invented in America in 1874 by CF Bennett as a medical apparatus for treating Bicycle messengers or Bike jockeys. But it then it was re-invented and re-introduced to the world as a futuristic men's underwear style. The science behind men's jockstraps is very effective and makes sure you get the highest dose of comfort and support.

Otzi Men's Jockstrap Underwear
Jockstraps for men

What makes Jockstraps for men so futuristic and great for athletics?

The design of men's jockstraps is what makes it so futuristic. The design consists of 2 functioning parts.

  • A protective pouch in front for maximum support and protection from injuries to the private parts. Jockstraps for men are also available in pouches purely for support only. Whereas, the other variant has a front pouch that can be equipped with a resistant cup or groin guards for additional protection and security.


    • The second functional part of men's jockstraps consists of wide elastic waistbands that provide ultimate support and upliftment to your genitalia.

      Men's jockstraps underwear is your one-stop solution to all of your athletic support needs. Men's Jockstraps are for those who seek minimum coverage and ultimate support along with a stylish factor to their men's underwear. jockstraps for men are designed with a protective pouch in the front for maximum support and protection from injuries. The pouch is connected to typically wide elastic waistbands which provides leverage to your front pouch in order to keep your genitals in a protective and isolated state.

      Men's jockstrap underwear comes in 3 different types-

      • Sporty men's jockstraps- This designer underwear for men has a durable and breathable mesh pouch which assures proper ventilation and breathability. Men's jockstraps have wide elastic waistbands and soft jockstraps for optimum support and protection from injuries to the jewels.
      • Uplifting men's jockstraps- The front pouch of these men's jockstraps style has a horse-shoe shaped piece of material that aids in upliftment, enhancement, and support to the genitalia. These Men's designer underwear provides leverage to the package assuring controlled isolation of your genitals. 
      • Sexy men's jockstraps- These men's designer underwear style has a front pouch made using see-through mesh fabric which makes your package look erotic and sensuous. The front pouch is designed using push-up technology which lifts, supports and enhances the front profile giving it an appealing look. The front waist is tie-up for a sexy and sporty look.
      Kyle Men's Jockstrap Underwear
      Jockstraps for men

      Available Fabrics-

      • Moisture-wicking fabric- Men's jockstraps are designed using moisture-wicking materials. Moisture-wicking materials are special fabrics that pull moisture to the outer layer of the fabric in order to assure clean and dry skin. 
      • Erotic fabrics- Jockstraps for men are also available in fabrics like sheer and mesh which makes your jockstrap experience even more erotic and sensual. Sheer jockstraps for men are very subtle yet kinky while role-playing and spending intimate time with your partner.

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