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Boxer Brief: The evolution

Regardless of gender, age and lifestyle, choosing a perfect style of underwear has never been easy. This is one thing that has been a confusion not only for the ladies...

Boxer Brief: The evolution

Regardless of gender, age and lifestyle, choosing a perfect style of underwear has never been easy. This is one thing that has been a confusion not only for the ladies but for the gentleman as well. Comfort, support, and fit are not the only key factors. Modern men look for an underneath article that even offers style and sex appeal along with all other functionality. Boxer briefs are one underwear style that has been catering to all the underneath needs of men. The snug fit style, supportive pouch, and fashion-forward approach have made it one of the most loved underneath apparel.

The invention

The category of men's underwear has come a long way from the traditional loincloth to contemporary cuts like men's thongs, bikini underwear, and others. However, boxer briefs were like an aesthetic revolution in this field.

Men's Boxer Briefs

The very first undergarment was introduced in the year 1800s for the male population and that was the Long Johns. It was later followed by jockstrap underwear and later boxer shorts. The shorts were baggy in appearance and less supportive that led to the invention of men's brief. While some men preferred the airy appeal of boxers other wanted snug fitting. Thus, the fashion connoisseurs ended up blending the positives of both the style and came up with boxer briefs.

According to Wikipedia, this style was pioneered by designer John Varvatos during the year 1990-95. It gained popularity by a series of print ads in the year 1992 featuring Mark Wahlberg. Boxer briefs were, then, considered as one of the greatest' apparel revolutions of the century'.

Despite the entrance of varied cuts and styles, this undergarment has continued to mark its presence in the wardrobe of every man to date.

The preference of modern men

In a post published last year on Huffingtonpost, the prominent question of which style of underwear most men prefer and what makes them feel more masculine was answered. As per the report, 650 guys participated in the survey. Out of this, 53% of them said that they prefer buying boxer briefs. However, 43% of them said that boxers make them feel more like a man. Men's Underwear Style

The changes witnessed by this intimate apparel

This underwear style is considered is one of the most conventional and widely used one. Despite the fact that this skivvy style is used by almost all people of every age group, it has seen a lot of changes. It won't be wrong to state that has graduated from casual to sexy underwear. Are you in sync with the trend? If not, then, here's a list of the various variants of boxer briefs.

Cheeky boxer brief

Cheeky boxer brief

The boxer brief underwear is known for covering the 1/3rd portion of your thighs along with the basic essentials. Do you know there are undies of this style with a lot more sensual feel? The cheeky boxer briefs are nothing like the conventional undies. Keeping support in the front unaltered, the underneath article offers all the sexiness at the back. The cheeky cut covers the butt-crack, but still allows a lot of skin show. If you are a man who prefers lesser coverage and more support, then, this is an option for you.

Sheer boxers

Sheer boxers

Who would have thought that one the underneath article would speak for the sex appeal of men? This is actually happening now. The traditional undies are now crafted in the see-through sheer fabric. Despite the all-around coverage, the fabric covers nothing at all. The peculiar feature of this underwear is that it gives the sensuality of the barely-there contemporary cuts without actually changing your basic style.

Pouch enhancing boxer briefs

Pouch enhancing boxer briefs

The undies with the enhancement contraption are ideal options for the occasion when you want your impact to be bold and impactful. The classic fitted look of the underneath article coupled with the anatomically correct pouch counts for the fashion-forward profile. The pouch bundles the entire package and lifts it up from its original place. This creates a visible bulge in front that accentuates the visibility of the profile.

Flag boxer briefs

Flag boxer briefs

The iconic collection of flag boxer briefs features pictorial flag prints. This assortment includes the print of a number of countries namely the USA, Australia, Germany, California, Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and many others.

Which one is your favorite underwear style? Share your comment with us in the section below.

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