Top 5 underwear trends to keep on your radar

Top 5 underwear trends to keep on your radar | Mensuas You may think men’s underwear, shapewear, and even swimwear are just the same, year in and year out. However, just like fashion, the underneath fashion industry emerges with new trends year after year to keep you feeling sexy as ever. No, we’re not talking about the underneath fashion in comparison to the outfits and the trends that come in collaborations. We’re talking plain fashion underwear trends that can blow your mind and will your be your best bet for the season. Just like a lot of new celebrities have made news by posing for the shutterbugs including the cast of “The Moonlight” and Kylie Jenner posting a selfie in a pair of men’s boxers and a tank top. Lace, sheer, and so much are some of the underwear trends that you keep on your radar to find the suitable one for yourself. Soft Lace Underwear You might call it....[Read More]

Why Boxer Brief beats the other underwear styles?

Why Boxer Brief beats the other underwear styles | Mensuas It came to my attention lately, that there are many men out there who have not yet tried men’s boxer brief underwear till now. They are the ones who might have never thought anything out of the conventional men’s briefs or have completely gone out of the way and adopted the sexy underwear styles that do not carry a lot of fabric. The mid length, sexy, and supportive men’s underwear style that is a compromise between boxers and briefs is what comes across as a perfect pair. Well, if you haven’t yet fallen for the fashion underwear, you eventually would once you slip into the luxurious fabric. However, there are men who do not believe until they experience the same or at least have proofs to depend on. It is a great habit to have questions about your underneath fashion and that helps to know them better. Hence, there are....[Read More]

Sunday Breakfast Mission wants New Underwear for the Needy

After providing thousands of men, women and children shelter, food and other basic necessities, the Sunday Breakfast Mission has introduced a new drive called Care-Ware that aims to provide the residents as well as the community with new underwear and other underneath articles. The goal of this mission is to collect 10,000 men's, women's and children's undergarments by Easter. Undergarments include underwear, undershirts, shower shoes and anything that calls for the underneath necessity for a human being. The first of its kind, the Director of Projects and Development for the Wilmington shelter, Mark Doherty mentioned that “it is a matter of dignity to wear clean undergarments”. In addition, he also explained that “it all began when he heard mothers feeling desperate for changing their kid’s soiled underwear as well as men longed for a new pair after they took a bath after many days.” Though the goal might be set....[Read More]

Advantages of Nylon Underwear

Advantages of Nylon Underwear | Mensuas There is no doubt in the fact that the men’s underwear industry has undergone a huge revolution. With the addition of numerous sexy underwear styles in the top drawers as well as in men’s lives, the industry has also introduced various fabrics that are good for every possible term. However, does the new arrivals make the fabrics like cotton, nylon, and others step back? Do you think so? Well, there might be newer fabrics in the industry, but the older fabrics are still loved by men. You see- Old is Gold!! You can check out the variety of fabrics here. Nylon is probably the most common fabric after cotton and is popular for its numerous characteristic traits. Have you got any pairs that are made up of nylon/spandex combination? How do you feel about them? Whether you love men’s nylon underwear or don’t, the fabric is available in a majority....[Read More]

Top 5 Low Rise Underwear Brands

Top 5 Low Rise Underwear Brands | Mensuas In one of the recent blogs that we’ve made live, we had mentioned something about low rise underwear for men. We had also mentioned how important the respective style of men’s underwear is for the modern male population and the benefits of the same. However, it is quite essential to understand the popular apparel brands that are masters in crafting the low rise fashion underwear for every situation when you’re in doubt. These labels bring forth the functionality to its best for your manhood and its capabilities. Bringing forth the best brands available at Mensuas in the low-rise category, you can choose from the ones mentioned below. Obviously This by far is the best designer underwear at Mensuas which offers extremely low rise pieces. Whether you choose the bikini underwear for men or something more like men’s jockstraps, when you are in doubt, opt for Obviously Underwear. With the center....[Read More]

Rules for Wearing Pouch Underwear

Rules for Wearing Pouch Underwear | Mensuas “What you have to do is, play by the rules” You must have heard and read a lot of quotation about rules and how you must break them if you really want to do something extraordinary in life. However, when it comes to fashion and that too, the intimate one, playing by the rules is a smart move. The section of men’s underwear has many rules and regulations if you start taking a look at them all, you’ll boggle your mind. Taking things step by step, we’ll start with men’s pouch underwear that we’ve discussed before and all about the respective designer underwear style. Having known what exactly the style is all about and also the benefits of having one for yourself, this blog would lay down the various rules that you must be aware of before opting for something so specific and functional. No adjustment pouch The very first....[Read More]

Men’s Jockstraps: How to Select the one you’ll Wear and Love?

Men’s Jockstraps | Mensuas If you take a look at the collection of men’s jockstraps, you won’t believe that the respective men’s underwear style has faced a lot of trials and tribulations. Being what it is now, the enhancing underwear doesn’t come across as an ordinary pair of men because they were intended to be extremely supportive and protective for the assets. It was eventually, that the style took the fashionable turn and finally is available for regular as well as pleasure purposes as well. The revealing construction is one of the biggest problem (and also an advantage too for various reasons) that men do not opt for jocks and go for a subtle fashion underwear. However, if you’ve never experienced the style, you’re missing out on the exotic feeling of being both supportive and sexy. Before you make up your mind and take the first step towards making the purchase, look out for....[Read More]

The Best and the Worst Moments of Oscars 2017

The Best and the Worst Moments of Oscars 2017 | Mensuas Held on the 26th of February 2017, the Academy Awards have officially wrapped up and left the winners, nominees and of course, the audience spellbound. Though the event has already been hyped and talked about so much, there are some who are looking for the highlights of the evening. From the laughs spread by the host Jimmy Kimmel to the moment when La La Land was awarded the best film award by mistake, the evening was full of highs and lows. So, here we are offering you the best and the worst moments of the Oscars 2017. BEST Moments Justin Timberlake inaugurates the show It was more like an inauguration rather than the opening of the evening when the iconic celebrity Justin Timberlake performed his Oscar-nominated Trolls song 'Can't Stop the Feeling'. The performance witnessed standing ovation by the audience including all the iconic celebrities. There are candy parachutes in....[Read More]

3 Common Myths of Low Rise Underwear

We’ve already talked about what low rise underwear is and why it is must to slip into the respective men’s underwear in one of my earlier blogs. When it comes to men’s fashion or even the underneath fashion, people have a lot of superstitions of how to do and why to do as well as more. It is highly important for these superstitions or what is more appropriately called as myths to be busted before they run across the globe as a plague. Whether you want to gain a better understanding of your low rise apparel styles or enlighten others about the same, this is the place where you’ll find the answers. Highlighting the common myths of low waist sexy underwear styles, this blog acts as a guide for you. A man must have only that number of pairs that he has the low waist jeans If you are someone....[Read More]

Look who just Landed as the New Calvin Klein Models- The Moonlight Stars

New Calvin Klein Models- the Moonlight Stars Seems like the Oscars win for Best Picture stars weren’t done with their celebrations when they landed as the new Calvin Klein Underwear models. With the Black & White theme of the photo shoot, the film’s stars Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders, and Alex Hibbert were spotted at the venue for the Spring 2017 Collection by Calvin Klein. Posing for the shutterbugs and Willy Vanderperre being the person behind the stunning shoot, this marks the first major fashion campaign for all four actors. According to Raf Simons, the creative director of the iconic brand, “ It's an acknowledgment of remarkable actors who are revealing something important of being a man today in what they do." With all the reasons for the actors to be rejoicing their success, Mahershala Ali will go down the history for being the first Muslim actor to receive an Academy Award. Find out the glimpses....[Read More]

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