Sexy Bad Boy Derek Parker For CellBlock 13

Derek Parker PhotoshootMen’s underwear brand Timoteo got the famous model Derek all geared up in the new CellBlock Fugitive Jock, Fugitive Shorts, and the CellBlock13 Knee high socks. The model looks hot and sexy in the photo shoot.

Derek Parker PhotoshootWith his tats, nipple piercing, hot chest and scruff there is no denying this porn star knows how to work the camera.

So if you want to be the bad guy, do check out the collection of CELLBLOCK 13 by Timoteo.

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Cover Male In 9 Colors Plus More At Mensuas

Cover male UnderwearCover Male is a classy and sexy men’s underwear that offers the entire gamut of men’s apparel styles such men’s briefs, bikinis, boxer shorts, thongs for men and more. However, this is just beginning because the aspect that makes the brand so popular is the palette of colors offered in every respective style at Mensuas.

The array of colors go all the way from black, white, royal blue to vibrant shades such as red, pink, orange, yellow, lime, turquoise and complementary sheer black and sheer white to make things a lot more sexier.

What’s you favorite color? Shop them all at

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Hot Cover Male Hunk

Cover male UnderwearDo you think he’s hot? The model wearing the Cover Male Waisted Up Bikini looks not only sexy; the passionate red makes him look more appealing on the outside. The perfectly toned body is complemented by the high cuts and 3/4th coverage on the rear. The contoured pouch enhances as well as shapes up the male anatomy to make it visible on the outside.

Check it out at

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Mensuas French Bikini Has Received Some Great Feedback

Mensuas UnderwearDid you love the Mensuas French Bikini? Well! Most of the wearers felt really that they bought this sexy men’s underwear from Mensuas and gave a positive feedback. We thought of sharing it with all of you.

Iain from United Kingdom said,

“Seriously, we were in Barcelona this summer and I would say 95% of the men were wearing bermuda shorts.  These are terrible when wet because they carry cold air next to the skin and the discomfort – and absurdity – of being both cold and wet while in a warm climate!

The objection to most speedo-style swimwear is they seem designed for maximum discomfort.  They are too tight, too bleak, too conservative.  They have become almost a joke!  The radical brief menswear made by people like Kiniki is also hard to accept because it presents you as overtly sexual, which is silly on a beach, and is so obviously lost in design terms – jarring, jagged triangles with severe, angular waistbands.  You just want something compatible with having been to the gym all year, which you can wear to the beach bar and not look out of place.

So the market must be huge for proper, reasonably interesting designs such as you have made.  Keep at it, because I can say these are the best swimsuits I have ever worn so far.

Well done!”

David from Bentleigh, Victoria Australia said,

“Wow, another masterpiece of design!

The lined front makes the bikini a little less risque but the back is clearly designed to show of buns and that makes this bikini really sensational.

The colours are perfect and the quality of manufacture superb.”

There were many more compliments from men all over the world regarding the fashion underwear. You still have the chance to get your own pair at affordable pair from

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Save 15% Off All N2N Bodywear Swimwear At Mensuas

N2N BodywearThis is just what you were waiting for! You can grab the styles offered by N2N Bodywear in their men’s swimwear category at Mensuas. Save 15% off all the items in the category of swimwear at the men’s underwear online store.

Some of the styles available in the catalog are: jammers, swim bikinis, swim briefs, g-string for men and more. Shop now before it gets too late!

Current Best Sellers At Mensuas

Do you always get curious about the fact that which all products at Mensuas are the best sellers? This blog will put forward for you the current best sellers at the men’s underwear online store.

Underwear Best Seller:

1. Zoom Carnival Bikinis:

The trait that makes it different from the Zoom bikinis is the sensuous, very low Brazilian cut. Covering the bare minimum on the rear, this range provides the needed coverage on the front.

Zoom Carnival Bikinis

2. The Intymen Fill It Brief

has an extraordinary pouch that softly holds the package upfront for a significant boost in the size of the bulge. The front of the men’s brief underwear features a C-Ring that gives a snugs fit. Exceptionally large side and back panels allows a better and comfortable seat.

Intymen Fill It Brief

3. Cover Male Bikini

is sporty, sexy and extremely functional. Full coverage seat and maximum coverage on the front add functionality to the sporty underwear. The smooth texture and subtle cuts on the sides gives a sophisticated appearance to the bikini.

Cover Male BikiniThese were the top three products currently rated the highest at Mensuas. Check out the store for the available color options in them. You’ll surely find that matches your taste and personality.

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New Male Power Has Arrived At Mensuas

Male Power recently launched its new Black Cobra collection at Mensuas. The entire range is about the cobra skin, manly appeal, luxurious feel and comfort. The brand dedicated this collection to all the guys who think that their men’s underwear is a passion, not just a necessity. Let us look at the various styles offered in the catalog.

Male Power Underwear Styles:

Male Power Black Cobra Mini Short:

Made for guys who can carry fabric down there and yet look equally hot. the mini short with snake skin-like texture and a contour pouch accentuates what you already have still reveal nothing. Male Power Black Cobra Mini Short

Male Power Black Cobra Jockstrap:

A perfect blend of fashion with function is what this men’s jockstrap underwear is all about. The sexy pouch holds the package while the rear is for the show. Male Power Black Cobra Jockstrap

Male Power Black Cobra G:

Made for the perfect moments when looking best is the option you have, men’s g-string underwear by Male Power is sexy, tempting and holds off the junk well.  Male Power Black Cobra G

These were the available styles in the Black Cobra category offered by Male Power at

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More New Male Power Has Arrived At Mensuas

Male Power recently launched its new men’s underwear collection at Mensuas. The entire range is about the fun fashion, manly appeal, luxurious feel and comfort. The brand dedicated this collection to all the guys who think that their men’s underwear is an important part of their dressing up. Let us look at the various styles offered in the catalog.

Male Power Underwear Styles:

1. Male Power Family Jewels Sapphire Thong:

A treat to your manhood, the Family Jewels Sapphire thong is delectable, enhancing and supportive. Made for both fashion and function, these men’s thong underwear is must have. Male Power Family Jewels Sapphire Thong

2. Male Power School Boy Micro Thong:

These are for the guys who play harder after the hard day work. Made for some fun time in the bedroom, these thongs for men remind you of your school uniform (though this is just a part of it).Male Power School Boy Micro Thong

3. Male Power School Boy Jockstrap:

These men’s jockstrap underwear by the label is from the School Boy category with a lot more support and protection down there.Male Power School Boy Jock

These are the new arrivals at offered by Male Power.

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Speedo At Mensuas

Speedo Men's UnderwearYou can look as hot the model in the photograph. All you need to do is soak up some sun, get tanned, wear a wet look and be in a Speedo. However, there are a plethora of styles available at Mensuas by the label, but the catalog of men’s brief underwear is surely a thing to be in.

Check out the collection of swim briefs by Speedos at and be prepared to amaze.

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Cover Male Underwear As Swimwear

Cover male UnderwearCover Male is an authentic, modern and comfortable men’s underwear brand that offers a huge variety of styles such men’s bikinis, men’s thongs, briefs, boxer shorts, g-strings for men and more. There are many aspects that make the various categories so appealing and a must have for every apparel top drawer. Some of them are- comfort, sex appeal, color palette and dual purpose.

The dual purpose means that Cover Male underwear can be worn as underwear as well as men’s swimwear. The fabric incorporated in the respective styles is perfect for both the times and the color assortments is worth complimenting as well as turn heads.

You can check out the collection at

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