7 Things men Refuse to do

7 Things men Refuse to do Don’t we all men look for newer options to make our life easier and a lot more....lazy? Though we know that those things will make our lives a lot but we still refuse to do it. For example, there is no rocket science in understanding that regular visit to the doctor helps you stay healthy. A regular check up keeps you away from so many problems. However, we (men) completely refuse to go to the doctor until there’s an urgency to do the same. Am I correct? Well, there are many other things that men completely refuse to do but at the end of the day, it has to be done or the other way round. Why not the hard way then!! What are those things? Take a look at them below. Doing laundry This has to be on the first spot! Don’t you think so? Well, doing laundry is....[Read More]

Jockstrap: athletic or fashionable??

Jockstrap: athletic or fashionable | Mensuas What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about “jockstraps”? Do you relate it to the long ago men’s underwear style used to be an integral part of the game costume? Or, it is what you look up to for bringing the sizzling action behind the closed doors? Whatever be your idea of jockstrap, the fashion underwear style is definitely one of those which keeps coming back some or the other way to get straight to the hearts and the underneath of the male population. After being vanished from the face of the earth being the athletic pair, the style made a comeback as a fashionable pair and continued to please the manhood for the big games as well. Now, which is your kind of jock strap? Is it going to be - Athletic or Fashionable one?? We’ve compiled a list of characteristic traits that....[Read More]

Why do you need to care about your underneath?

Care about your underneath Men hardly talk about or share their experiences when it comes to taking some beauty tips or grooming regimes. I don’t know why, but they find it funny and femalish if they start a discussion over something like this. After talking a lot about your manhood as well as about below the belt grooming, what makes me feel quite jittery is men still find it difficult taking care of their manhood. We understand that being the most intimate and hidden part of your body, somewhere down the line the masculinity suffers negligence. But, is it feasible to let your treasured junk face so many problems like chafing or rashes? The answer is NO!! Just like your other organs play their role in proper functioning of the body, manhood too is essential. Coming down to the questions- why do you actually need to take care your intimate area? Below mentioned are....[Read More]

4 ways to switch from old underwear style

Fresh skivvies are a wonderful thing, but where’s line between tasteful and wasteful?? We’ve talked about tips for men’s fashion, personality developing aspects and a lot more about underneath fashion & how things get better below the belt. During that course, I really though that I had covered the possible aspects of men’s fashion and specifically about men’s underwear. However, recently one of my friends tossed this question over to me that “how can one actually get rid of an old underwear style and have a new one?” Tricky? Or easy?? Well, this definitely sounds quite an easy task but when it comes to implementing the same, things get difficult. Why so?? Probably because you are too use to how they make you feel or the feeling of forgetting that you’re carrying something inside your pants. This feeling of comfort abstains you from checking out the possible options that keep....[Read More]

6 Ways to feel Energetic

6 Ways to feel Energetic When do you feel low on energy? Wait!! Don’t tell us because we too go through the same at some or the point of time. However, we’ve learned how to tackle low energy and stay energetic throughout the say. With a lot of studies on sleep patterns, metabolism, stress, eating habits and a lot more, you’d find the energy levels going down in one and all. Though every man is different with different work schedules and lifestyles, but they all face low energy phase some or the other time. As soon as the alarm strikes, it’s a habit (common to all of us) to pull over our comforter and hide in it or stretch out to press the snooze button. Once this act is complete, there you go looking like a zombie walking the entire day. However, mornings don’t have to be something that you dread, with these simple steps....[Read More]

Men’s fashion trends to skip this season

“Fashion fades...style is eternal!!” Yves Saint Laurent Being a world of independent and stylish men, very few would are the ones who are open to taking advises from others. However, even the most stylish men make mistakes when it comes to styling themselves. Oh yes!! No one is spared when it comes to having a fashion a quotient that is liked by one and all. However, in that due course, we sometimes make mistakes. Probably when we’re switching trends, things get difficult because you don’t know what trends to consider while which ones to bid farewell from a distance. That’s exactly where we step in for you! Jump on the bandwagon to find out which fashion trends for men to skip this season in order to look and feel fabulous. We’ll lay down what to skip and the substitute to consider in place of that for the season. Say no....[Read More]

11 Doubts about Men’s Panties you should Clarify

11 Doubts about Men's Panties you should Clarify | Mensuas As someone who’s worn and cherished every men’s underwear style ever since I started wearing what I liked, I have been quite straightforward in terms of my opinions on briefs, bikinis or thongs. Naturally, the thought of delving into what lingerie felt like, the excitement lead me to try men’s panties. My curiosity piqued till the time I slipped into the pair and finally experienced the luxury of the same. There are men who have a completely different side of the story and it saddens me to find out that happens because of various factors that go wrong. Whether it is because of the wrong size they’ve picked or the fabric that didn’t go very well with their intimate health, their overall experience wasn’t too good. More than this, there’ll be men out there who are too doubtful about considering sexy underwear as an option for themselves. If you are....[Read More]

An encounter of Donald Trump with Kevin Cook

An encounter of Donald Trump with Kevin Cook In a recent article in the Men’s Journal, Kevin Cook shares his encounter with Donald Trump back in 2004, long before anyone would have imagined him as the 45th president of the United States. The write-up shares some of the hidden insights and lesser known facts about Mr. Trump. According to Mr. Cook, he first came in ‘Trump’s radar’ in the year 2003 when he became the editor of The Golf Magazine. Certifying him as the golfer-in-chief, the writer seems to be pretty impressed with the athletic side of the president. According to him, Americans have seen plenty of presidents, but none of them has been as closely associated with sports as Trump. Now, this piece of information may be news to you or else at least for me it was! Trump owns 16 golf courses which are now being run by his son Eric. Out of which 12 are....[Read More]

Steps to get the Attention you deserve

Sometimes, it is tough to get noticed. Whatever you do, is not enough to make you look and feel fabulous, there are chances that others won’t notice you. Do you get overlooked or taken for granted sometimes? Well, don’t let this dishearten you or break down your moral. It is not their responsibility to give you all the attention and respect. You need to earn that and that’s exactly why we’re here for you. If you are someone who is looking for steps that can bring the focus on you and help you grab the attention that you think you deserve, this is the right place. Be confident and clear Being the very first in the queue are the attributes of being confident and clear about your fashion quotient. Slipping into clothes that make you feel confident is the right way to do it. However, confidence often comes when we....[Read More]

Habits that can make your Relationship Bloom

As I toss the empty heart-shaped box in the dustbin, I don’t want my partner to know that I love her even when these chocolates are not there. For many, this might be one of the aspects that call for the strength of one’s relationship but these are materialistic aspects aren’t actually the reason. There are those day-to-day efforts which count bringing life into a relationship. First of all, let’s state the obvious: the good relationships have to have certain things- trust, no secrets, honesty, attraction and sticking together even in the worst of times. And let’s not sugar-coat what we mean by “happy.” even the most lovey-dovey couples have the strongest problems but the ones that sail through it without leaving each other's sides are the ones we’re talking about. However, there are certain habits which make your relationship bloom. What are those? Find them below!! Communication There’s no....[Read More]

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