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Why Wearing Underwear Is Better Than Going Commando? (Part-2)

I hope you enjoyed reading'Why Wearing Underwear Is Better Than Going Commando? (Part-1)' and probably be convinced by the fact that going commando is a true crime. However, if you are not yet persuaded by now, then here I am with the next set of reasons as to why wearing men's underwear is better than going commando. Let's look at the reasons mentioned below and hopefully you will get a better insight to the whole scenario.

You can choose clothes easily:

Now you must be thinking, "How does going commando relate to choosing the outer clothing?" Yes it does! When you wear something loose, others might get the idea, that there is nothing holding up down there and that everything is out-of-place. Whereas; when you're wearing men's brief underwear or possibly any other style that has a snug fit; everything seems to be in control. Nice & Secure.

Prevents ABL syndrome:

ABL syndrome stands from Accidental Bowl Leakage. Trust me, it happens with everyone as you grow older. However, you can avoid facing the embarrassment by wearing the tiniest men's fashion underwear like men's thongs (in case you are not fond of fabric).

Makes you look hotter and sexier:

Oh no! I am not bluffing by the fact that when you wear form fitting men's apparel, it makes you look hotter or sexier. The reason behind it is: that it enhances your profile by picking up your boy to an upfront position and everything seems to look bigger, better and bulkier.

When the time is right, creates a better buildup of suspense:

When it's time to get down to business, foreplay is the key to success. Why jump to conclusions with the pants coming off and nothing underneath? Build some suspense through seductively teasing your lover by wearing sexy men's fashion underwear and letting them take it off, slowly!

Prevents your manhood from Crotch Rot:

Crotch rot also known as Tinea Cruris, a very serious dermatophyte fungal infection caused because of wearing none-moisture wicking and/or apparels that do not breathe well. So, when your wear nothing down there, moisture build up and breathability issues may harm your family jewels. Men's sexy underwear has moisture wicking qualities that absorb sweat and doesn't leave your manhood wet or sweaty. Hence, prevents health issues, while still looking great down there! I hope that these set of reasons convince you to choose wearing underwear rather than going commando. However, it is still your personal decision to express freely, but for me, going without underwear is still an option that I won't go for. Do tell us how you feel about any of these options in the comments section. Enjoy! Read Also:

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