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Figure out the daddy’s way with Daddy’s Laso Bikini

We live in a world where bikinis look sexy on women but guys still have mixed feeling about having one in their wardrobe. The thing that daddy didn't teach you was wearing men's bikini and how to make a woman give in to your charms? As these sexy male bikinis have the perfect combination of power and comfort which are what an alpha need to dominate the game of love. 

About Brand:

Daddy brings to you sexy bikini for men, that takes away all of your doubts and supports you in the way that’s actually needed. This product provides comfort and pleasure at a level no one can match which definitely provides an upper hand to the product. Talking about the fabric composition, this designer bikini for men is made with the combination of polyamide and spandex. This isn’t something you can find in any ordinary underwear as this fabric is known for its best in class stretchability and comfort.



Daddy Underwear DDI010 Laso Bikini


Talking about the origin, the history of the bikini can be traced back to 5600 BC which is actually a long time and it still has got its hold in the industry. The invention of the bikini was all part of the story where not only the woman but the men also were equally amazed by the concept of it. This made it clear that it wasn’t just a female thing to wear it but the men desired them too. As this got cleared, the only justification which got out was that these men's designer bikini offered premium comfort and support which no other pair of men’s underwear provided.  

Moving to the most important part of this men’s hot underwear, the front pouch holds your million-dollar baby with ease and protects it from undesirable jerks. The front profile has got its own charm as the cock pouch is partially open from the top with a sexy ring at the center which provides a hint of sensuality to the whole attire. Unlike any ordinary male underwear, this one has got a sleek string that goes around the waist which provides a subtle appearance to the article.



Daddy Underwear DDI010 Laso Bikini


Taking a look at the rear, this sexy bikini for men has got a sexy design which not only keeps things simple but also enhances the sex appeal. The rear of this product lets you flaunt your best shape as it’s built from a mesh fabric which would definitely make your partner see more of you. With minimal coverage, this hot bikini for men is going to make your buttocks irresistible and your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you.


Daddy has been a brand that offers quality men's underwear and always delivers. As this male bikini not only comes in perfect sizes but has also got your color choices fulfilled.

Daddy Underwear DDI010 Laso Bikini

  • Black
  • Navy
  • White

Where to buy?

More Features:

    • Designer Mesh Rear Fabric
    • Minimal Coverage
    • Designer Cock Pouch


  • Fabric Composition: Polyamide and Spandex

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