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11 Doubts about Men's Panties you should Clarify

As someone who's worn and cherished every men's underwear style ever since I started wearing what I liked, I have been quite straightforward in terms of my opinions on briefs,...

11 Doubts about Men's Panties you should Clarify

As someone who's worn and cherished every men's underwear style ever since I started wearing what I liked, I have been quite straightforward in terms of my opinions on briefs, bikinis or thongs. Naturally, the thought of delving into what lingerie felt like, the excitement lead me to try men's panties. My curiosity piqued till the time I slipped into the pair and finally experienced the luxury of the same.

Men's Panties There are men who have a completely different side of the story and it saddens me to find out what happens because of various factors that go wrong. Whether it is because of the wrong size they've picked or the fabric that didn't go very well with their intimate health, their overall experience wasn't too good.

More than this, there'll be men out there who are too doubtful about considering sexy underwear as an option for themselves.

If you are someone who has doubts about skimpy, sensuous and appealing underwear or what is also called as men's panties or male lingerie, this is where all your doubts will fly. My psychology teacher always mentioned that "having doubts is a very good thing. If you don't have doubts, you either don't want to know about it or you lack information about the same." 

Quite practical??

I agree and that's exactly why I am here to help you through. Once armed with a little knowledge perhaps you'll consider slipping into these pairs for sometimes.

Well, we are going to discuss the below-mentioned doubts in this blog:


They're only for women

Fact: They're available for men as well

According to Wikipedia,  " The word lingerie derives from the French word linge, meaning 'linen'. So faire le linge comes to mean "do the laundry". In French, the word lingerie applies to all undergarments for either sex. In English, it means women's underwear or nightclothes. Lingerie as a word was first used to refer to underwear and bras in 1922. Informal usage suggests visually appealing or even erotic clothing. Although most lingerie is designed to be worn by women, some manufacture now design lingerie for men."

The term lingerie is commonly used for women but they don't have dominance over the same. Though there are brands that went a long way in designing bras and panties sets for men which got acclaimed as well as criticized for the same. You needn't go that far and check out the pieces that are meant for the male anatomy and are absolutely stunning.


They're available only in feminine styles

Fact: Masculine styles are also included in the category

I have read numerous blogs about men trying women's panties to actually feel how comfortable they are. Not only this, Quora and Reddit are overflowing with questions that talk about this. Some of them are mentioned below:

This happens when men secretly want to experience the bliss but are too shy about it. It was the men's underwear industry that gave an opportunity to feel the same bliss in masculine styles as well. Panties are not only available in styles bikini underwear or male thongs but you'll find sheer briefs with sensual cuts and lace boxers too falling into the same category. Hence, you can luxurious even in masculine styles.


They are limited to sex life

Fact: You can wear them anywhere

This doubt is what comes to the majority of men's minds and is the most underrated one as well. Your underneath fashion definitely matters a lot when it comes to getting naughty between the sheets. That's exactly why men's costumes were introduced so that partners can roleplay and have a great time together. Lingerie is a big term including the various styles that aim at providing confidence to the wearer and raise their sex appeal. Hence, you can wear them for the times when confidence is an integral part. Some of the occasions where you can consider wearing the same are:

  • An important day at work
  • Strenuous days where you need comfort
  • When you are looking for some'me-time'
  • To parties where confidence counts; and so much more.

They are not comfortable

Fact: You won't they're even there

Men's Panties

Who said anything about underneath fashion being uncomfortable? The fashion industry has emerged as one of the most successful industries because of the various factors that have contributed to the same. One of the reasons because of which the male underwear industry has risen and is shining is the plethora of fabrics that have been introduced. While some fabrics intend to provide ample comfort to your skin, the others are designed to wick away moisture and keep you feeling dry. If you take a look at the skimpiest pieces available at Mensuas, you'll find that brands offering the style have incorporated fabrics like cotton, satin, nylon, polyester, polyamide, rayon and other super-luxurious names that intend to keep you feeling wonderful down there. That's not it, sheer or lace underwear have also been a great source of pampering your assets.


They are available in weird colors

Fact: Pink, purple, black, white, yellow, green...and so many more

The next doubt in line is when men who've never experienced sexy and erotic underwear say the colors are too loud. For them, black is the signature color or white for happy days. However, every color has a meaning and it has got something that defines your mood. I had written a blog on what does your favorite color says about you more than a year ago and it clearly stated the variety of colors and their meanings. From the masculine black to the peppy pink and bright orange, every shade has its true colors that make your wardrobe vibrant as well as appealing. Male lingerie has nothing to do with weird colors because colors aren't weird, it is what appeals to your taste buds. You might like blueberry ice cream whereas; others would like vanilla. You can't say that the other person's choices are orthodox. I hope I made sense to you!


They are available in limited styles

Fact: Briefs, boxers, thongs, jockstraps...many more

Are they available in bikini underwear only? No! They're available in styles like male thong and g-strings as well. This is exactly what people talk about when they discuss sexy underwear amongst each other. However, sexy lingerie is anything that is fragile and appealing to the eyes. Whether you take the lacy bikinis, sheer thongs, jockstraps with flimsy fabric, g-strings and a lot more. You would even find the masculine briefs crafted in luxurious fabrics that bring out the best in you and finally land up in the lingerie collection.


They are available in limited fabrics

Fact: Every fabric that comforts and soothes your skin

Who said anything about exotic underwear styles is available in fabrics like sheer and mesh? If you start a hunt for the most luxurious pieces, you'll find a gamut of materials in which they're crafted. All the way from cotton and nylon, the list goes up to polyester, polyamide, sheer, lace and a lot more. What's your favorite fabric that you find extremely comfortable and pampering for your skin? Some men find it quite hot when lace grabs their assets because it is considered to be a feminine material. It not only pampers, but it also makes you feel like you've slipped into women's lingerie for that moment. On the other hand, there are those who love to keep it supple with silk or satin-textured fabrics. The choice is all yours when you want to slip into something really sexy.


Can they be worn in every season?

Fact: They can be worn in every season

There are some men who like to experiment with these kinds of styles only at times when it is neither too hot nor too cold. It is most probably Springtime or winter. The start of the summer season is also okay but with heat rising and sweat accumulation, it is mostly avoided. Men avoid it but it is not mandatory for them to wear the specific styles on specific occasions only. Whether you wear on a chilly evening to be daring enough or sport it on a sultry summer night for the air conditioning feeling, what matters is that you're flaunting pieces that make you look and feel good about yourself. When my partner is not around, I still prefer to wear such items to please myself. After all, loving yourself is important before you love someone else.


They're only meant for chiseled body

Fact: They suit me as well (broad bottoms)

This one of the most common doubts or probably mind frames that guys who have a well-made body are the only ones who deserve to slip into lingerie (just like women's lingerie are meant for the lean and skinny). Having a maintained body is definitely advantageous for you but that's not a hard and fast rule. There are those with more coverage sexy styles that hide your flaws as well as those which enhance your positives, they can be worn by every body type. All you got to do is find your body type and choose from the various styles available for you. The Mensuas Magazine's Different Body Types' edition was specifically about how you look and what kind of body types you have as well as what styles suit your body.


They are awfully expensive

Fact: You can buy them in dozens

Ooh!! How do you guys even buy such things because they're freaking expensive? This is a common notion among men because the skimpier the fabric goes, the price rises eventually. However, that's not true! If you lookout for a faithful store that offers fabulous deals, you can actually save more than you think. As the sexy pair of novelty would cost you not more than $5. Well, the range goes all the way to $50. You just have to keep your budget set and find the right piece for yourself.


They are better than going commando

Fact: You'll feel like you're going commando

They are better than going commando 

Raise your hands if you like to go commando! Well, the feeling of not having anything down is definitely amazing but can you actually freeball throughout the day, every day? If you do, you are opting for the moments where your manhood is susceptible to picking infections, embarrassing moments like sweat stains, ouch moments when your manhood gets caught in the zipper, and a lot more. Lingerie comes in handy when you don't like any kind of obstruction below the belt. With minimal fabric, enhanced sex appeal and appealing visibility, you can abstain from getting embarrassed yet feel like you're going commando.

These doubts must be cleared before you make an assumption that is difficult to be cleared.

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  • Dean
    DeanMarch 07, 2018

    I wear both mens and womens sexy panties. As a older male, having a nice soft material on my loins makes me feel good. Mens panties can and are pricey, womens panties are cheaper and exhilarating to wear. I will not stop with my panty obsession.

  • Fannie C. Peña
    Fannie C. PeñaNovember 08, 2017

    Am a Latino who Wears Ladies Unmentionables. I love Wearing them, been wearing Panties of Various Styles.

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