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4 things about mens thong that you have to experience yourself

4 things about thongs for men that you have to experience yourself

If you've been planning and thinking over and over again about moving from the conventional styles because your underwear style and trends are out of sync, you need something sexy to start with. By the word sexy, it does not mean that you can go commando straightaway, there are other options to choose as well.

Are you thinking about thongs for men? If you haven't thought about it much, you can consider the same. With all the benefits, the men's underwear style comes with certain feelings that only the wearer would be able to understand.

You might read plentiful of articles and blogs about the same, but at the end of the day - it will be the feeling that you'll have which only you'd understand. However, we're here to help you introduce you to those feelings so that you don't find it difficult settling in the sexy underwear style.

The happiness that is first felt

The day I wore the thong for the first time, the first feeling was the happiness of achieving something very rare and delicate. The moment you'll step into the holes meant for the legs and pull up that lace underwear fabric (optional), the caressing feeling that seeps in would be out of the world. You know how it is when you wear formals for the first time or anything that you've longed for, that's exactly what you'll feel in that moment.

The riding up of the fabric

You might have heard this a literally a lot. Thongs have the minimal fabric in the back that has the habit of consistently ride up in the butt. This is one feeling that no one can describe and you have to slip into the pair and experience it yourself. Just so you know, it isn't a very pleasing feeling and can be so bad that you wouldn't want to wear thongs again in your life, but it all depends on the fabric and size you pick. The same is with g-string underwear for men as well.

The scary feeling of bending over

We all know what a thong wedgie is, right?? This is what the first-timers feel when they slip into the respective style. It happens a lot that when you buy it for the first time, the size is what creates a problem and hence, waistband keeps showing up from the pants. As soon as the fabric rides up, the waistband pops up to say hello. Hence, every time you bend over, the features need adjustment once you come back to the original position. Well, the right size doesn't do that.

The sexiest feeling

You might ordinary when you choose to slip into a pair of boxer brief underwear or the tighty whiteys, but that's not the same with thongs. This sexy feeling is the extension to the happy feeling that we talked about in the first point and stays till you take it off before you choose to sleep naked. The feeling is extraordinary and worth your time.

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