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Men's G-String Underwear- What Outfits can match with it?

Well, you would have read numerous of articles and blogs that talk about what kind of men's underwear is suitable for the desired occasion ad outfit. However, trying to put across a different scenario, this blog would help you find outfits appropriate for one of the most revolutionary apparel style, men's g-string underwear. Let us look at the outfits that you can easily wear with the modern version of thong underwear.
  • Tight pants: Talking about the very functional feature of g-strings for which they are made, tight pants is what you can definitely wear with the style. The no-underwear lines function is the aspect that lets you wear the tight leather pants or denim jeans without the fear of nasty lines protruding from the fabric.
  • White pants: Talked about the white pants, white pants is the next in the queue. What makes g-string ideal for the monochromatic shade? Well, white is a color that reveals every other color worn underneath it. Whether it is black, pink, purple, yellow or any other, it'll automatically be visible from the outside. With a triangular pouch in the front and a mere string in the back, you can sport the pure colored pants without any fear.
  • Shorts : Well, think about the time when you are at the beach sitting in the sand, probably making sandcastles, would you be interested in showing off another layer under the shorts? It could be anything from men's boxer briefs to conventional tighty whiteys or would you let them take a sneak peek at a smooth, no-fabric skin? If you choose the second option, g-strings would be your best friend.
  • Swim shorts: There are men who prefer to wear another layer of fabric while taking their time planning to swim. For those times, and also to add another layer of support in the shorts, g-strings are a perfect option. They are minimal, comfortable, and made of fabrics suitable for water activities (some products made of polyamide).
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One thought on “Men's G-String Underwear- What Outfits can match with it?

  1. avatar Alec says:


    I am a young athletic and well-endowed man. I wear very fitted, linen pants. I enjoy a full-frontal nude look as I believe it is important to show off my package. If women can choose to show off their boobs, it is very appropriate for an attractive man to sport his goods. My gf has bought me briefs, the Miami-Jock line, which I wear daily. I also wear sheer jogging shorts when I run. I cock and balls are always visible. I receive compliments from men and women daily as everyone sees my manhood.

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