Marc Delavigne

marc delavigne

Real men wear pink!



8 thoughts on “Marc Delavigne”

    1. Are you the same guy who had that sexy crochet pattern orange thong?! I have looked everywhere for that beautiful pair! So hot in you.

      1. No, I don’t think I ever posted a picture with an orange thong anywhere. But I would love to do so if I had one 🙂

  1. You should have won First Place, Marc. Hope you continue submitting more sexy picture because you are hot, man!

    1. Thanks!
      First of all, it’s great to come out second, given that there have been very strong submissions that didn’t make it so far up.
      However, let me explain why I am not sure if I should participate again.
      I know that it is very delicate for a non-first-place contestant to make any critical comment on the voting process which seems to be controlled by registering the IP address of every voter and blocking it for 24 hours [if you have access to a large pool of IP addresses and the necessary computing skills, you are probably able to vote as often as you like; conversely, two people cannot vote in the same wifi network, which is how I became aware of the mechanism].
      Let’s just say this: I made some observations in the last days of this contest, in particular about one participant, that look statistically “interesting” albeit not impossible, of course. The gentleman spent some time rather stable in the lower part of the list, then jumped up to about 400 votes in about 6 hours (between me going to sleep and getting up). Then a period of about 12 hours without gaining any vote; then 70 votes in 10 minutes; finally only 2 for the remaining 6 hours.

      Apologies if I have said too much.

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