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Mens Thongs that make you fly high

A welcome to everyone reading this, I hope you are doing great as always. Our underwear industry has taken a leap into the future and that trip gave us new categories. Categories that will exploit us in many aspects. Today we are going to talk about one category that will make you fly high, not literally but figuratively. We will be talking about mens thong underwear. A category well recognized in the feminine section but not much talked in the men’s section. Today we will be talking all about mens thong underwear. So let’s just start the discussion without any further adieu.

Let us begin by explaining out what these really are. These are the underwear which typically resembles a bikini bottom, but at the back, the fabric is reduced to a minimum. The idea is to cover the genitals part including anus and perineum leaving the rest of the skin to be glanced upon by the spectator's eye. At the back, you get a piece of fabric supposed to fill the gap between the buttocks visually. Moving above to the waist you get a nice sleek and sexy waistband attached to the fabric at the buttocks. Let me remind you all of this is mostly a mono fabric. So that the look is not sacrificed. 

Daddy DDK039 I have Pride Thong

If you are worried about the fabrics used in the mens thong underwear then you need to relax for a while as the fabrics offered are mostly anything you can think of. This includes cotton, silk, latex, microfiber, satin, nylon, lace, and spandex. Pretty much everything right. This gives you a variety to choose from, making things exciting and easy at the same time.

Moving on we have various varieties that will give you an idea and a clear look of mens thong underwear. These designer thong for men are divided into mainly three types. Low coverage, medium coverage, and high coverage. This coverage depicts how the underwear would fall on your waist.


Good Devil GDK057 Love Thong

  • Low coverage – At the back, the waistband is barely on the waist falling few inches from the finishing line. This includes v-string, t-front, and t-back.
  • Medium coverage – At the back, you get the waistband falling slightly above as compared to the low coverage. This includes g-string and c-string.
  • High coverage – As the name suggests, the waistband falls above as compared to the others.
  • I know. That was something really detailed, but that’s how it is. As many say that “half-knowledge is dangerous than no knowledge”.

    So this was pretty much it, I hope you got a gist of mens thong underwear. The main idea behind these mens thong is to make you look good by providing an ample amount of fabric to cover the genitals and enhancing the visibility to your skin like a pro. If you wish to add something to this then do let us know in the comment section below and if you wish to surf around our new arrivals then just click on the link.


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