Why Wearing Underwear Is Better Than Going Commando? (Part-1)

Since childhood I’ve known the word “commando” as being used for soldiers and playing army with my friends in the backyard. I’ve always seen the same in the movies, too, but lately it came to my attention that commando is also referred to as a person without men’s underwear. How shocking, isn’t it? However, I don’t understand the reasoning behind this habit. But let me tell you that there are guys who prefer to just walk around and even go to work and other public places without wearing any undies at all!

Let me share some very basic reasons why one should never go “commando” and for their best interests, slipping into men’s fashion underwear is the best way to go!

It practically sounds insane:

How can somebody go without wearing anything underneath? Men’s intimate apparels were brought to the world for a purpose for protecting and covering the manhood. Through adding support and enhancements in design and fashion, adding even more reasons to wear men’s fashion underwear. Not wearing one will leave with you nothing. That’s not fashion sense!

Prevents chafing:

Chafing is when your boy rubs against your thighs/ skin and leave red marks, which can be painful. Wearing men’s fashion underwear saves your little man from this painful experience. This is one of the reasons why stylish pieces like men’s brief underwear, men’s boxer briefs and others were introduced. You harm your junk by going commando! Hence, avoid doing so!

It is about your comfort:

The guy who usually goes commando claims that the experience is very comfortable; whereas, the guy who is new to this action says that getting comfortable without undergarments is a challenge and often uncomfortable. My personal experience of going commando was extremely bad and I would never recommend it anyone. At Mensuas, there are numerous designers that manufacture men’s designer underwear with modern techniques that make underwear ultra comfortable. Saving you from the uncomfortable experience of going commando.

No sweat stains:

Yeah! Have you experienced that time when you don’t wear a vest with sleeves and get sweat marks in the armpits? That is the same situation you might have when you don’t wear underwear. Men’s sexy underwear are comfortable as well as made with luxurious fabrics that have great sweat absorbency, exceptional moisture wicking features and more than enough style to save you from the embarrassment.

Saves you from embarrassment:

Just imagine that moment when you saw someone who bent over and the pant tore into two; you must have laughed hard because his white underwear showed. Think about the same situation with you in it and wearing nothing underneath. Oops! Embarrassing, isn’t it? Talking about embarrassment, another incident when you mistakenly left your pant zipper open and voila! The secret is revealed to everyone that you’re wearing nothing underneath.

These were the first list of reasons that will change your mindset from going commando to wearing a fashion forward, modern design men’s underwear. Watch this place for the next set of reasons in the upcoming blogs and visit Mensuas.com for the latest styles and brands. Till then, do let us know why you prefer to go commando and/or wear underwear in the comments section. Peace!

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