C-String is known as extremely sexy and daring underwear. C-strings stands on its own for creativity and unique approach to covering the male private area. The front pouch is covered with a soft lining of fabric and the entire piece appears to be floating in air.  The trick comes in the back stick that presses between your cheeks and keeps everything in its place.  This is the perfect piece to shock someone or just to feel amazingly free under your pants.  On a more practical level, C-strings is very popular men's underwear for tanning, whether it be in a tanning salon or in your backyard. If you use it at the beach or local pool, you may do more than just turn some heads.

Men's C-String Underwear

  • Good Devil C-String GD1018  Leopard

    Good Devil C-String GD1018 Leopard

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    Flaunt the best of you with Good Devil C-String Leopard. It is a self supporting, sexy and erotic undergarment that holds its place on its own without a waistband. The fabric covers up the essentials and still allows one to get an even tan. You can wear it under any type of clothes. By appearance it..
    $14.65 $10.99
    7 Review(s). 7 Review(s).
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The Good Devil C-String is one of the skimpiest apparel that you would have ever seen. Good Devil has been known for being the most exotic underwear brand for men. However, the collection of C-strings of the of the brand has outpaced all the parameter of sensuality. The Good Devil C-String is an ultra minimalist garment for guys who like to add some excitement to their top drawer and is absolutely not for the chicken-hearted man. This seductive tiny underneath article combines the best features of a men's thong and a men's g-string, but makes them even skimpier! The Good Devil C-String provides a comfortable, eye-popping pouch for your package, and that's about it! It's completely self-supporting underwear for men who want to give their partners a BIG surprise when the pants come off.

The voluptuous design of this seductive little piece features a tiny fabric that covers and supports your package, while your buttocks is completely exposed. The revealing apparel can lure your partner instantly.

The C-string underwear is strapless, yet it still stay on your body. The hidden secret is in it's thin, discreet cord that sits comfortably in between the cheeks of your buttocks to anchor the underwear in place without any waistband. The Good Devil C-String is completely and totally strapless! Simply tuck in your boys in front, hook the c-string underneath you so that the end rests between your cheeks, and BAM – you're done.

The truly tantalizing garment can help you flaunt your manhood and physique. The cup-shaped pouch of the erotic undergarment covers the bare essential of the wearer. Men can procure their seductive piece in a variety of fun colors and designs. It is sexy on the front and has a thong back that draw even more attention to your assets. It  teases, tantalizes and entices by adding a ‘wow’ factor to your sex appeal.

The high-quality fabrics that feel incredible against the skin the Good Devil C-String makes it even better. Blends like nylon and spandex conform to your package while giving the garment a unique sheen. Choose from several different styles, such as wild leopard prints, playful polka dots, see-through lace and more. If you like the C-String, then you'll love all the other men's underwear from Good Devil, available right here at Mensuas, including men's bikinis, thongs, jockstraps and others.

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