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What’s there to brief with the all-new Pistol Pete PPJ018 Vented Brief ?

Men have always been considered as more of a giver to the society than a taker and that has made the image of male perspective as a hard worker. This is the reason why men were never idealized as a fashion enthusiast. That’s what made the briefs more common that you think in the male community.

Male briefs are the most popular and the most preferred category of the men’s underwear industry. This is due to the fact that the briefs for men are known for their maximized coverage over the pelvis area and gives optimum comfort to the assets. This is due to the fact that men’s brief underwear was more of a comfort-centric rather than being fashionable. But that’s not the story anymore as Pistol Pete are here with the latest designer underwear for men that would definitely bring out the energetic alpha and would suppress that lazy ass guy. This hot men’s underwear would make you look attractive again and make you the ladies’ man which you have been trying for a while now. 

Pistol Pete PPJ018 Vented Brief


Now that you know the latest male brief is in the town so let’s try to understand the design better. This men's sexy underwear built from the finest fabric as the brief is composed of cotton and spandex which make the overall weight noticeably lighter. The spandex used in this male brief makes you stretch like never before as this underwear is specifically made to be used in both indoors and outdoors. Moving on to the front of this designer underwear for men you are given with a cock bulge which lets your tool stay in position so that it never creates any sort of hindrance in your workout session. This cock bulge is made to provide a perfect wiggle room so that you can play it cool and that too with zero distractions.

Talking about the rear of this hot underwear for men you will be provided with a sexy yet minimalistic design so that your ass looks decent and always in form. As in these male briefs the ass shape is just what you would want due to the fact that they enhance the overall sex appeal of this male underwear.


Everybody wants to go all rainbow style while choosing their hot male underwear but there aren’t many choices available in the market. This is not the case here as you will get the best product with Pistol Pete.

  • Black
  • Royal Blue 
  • White

Where to buy?

As with Be-Brief you will get plenty of options to choose from. This is the place where you can find several brands and buy your favorite underwear for men at affordable prices too!

More Features:

  • Sexy Waistband
  • Minimal Coverage
  • Designer front profile
  • Fabric Composition: Cotton and Spandex

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