Guide To Buy Men’s Swimwear


While we’ve been talking a lot about men’s underwear, it is time to soak up some sun on the beach or beside. Simply put, summers has finally arrived and it is time for you to pack your bags and go on for an exotic vacation. There are a few things you’ll need to get going which includes a perfect men’s swimwear that you’ll be flaunting along the shores.

Let’s look at some of the quick yet important tips to choose the right men’s swimwear for a perfect vacation.

Look Out for your Style: Style does play an important role in selecting any pair of fashion underwear as well as swimwear. Whether you’re someone who loves to keep it covered and loose or someone who is full on revealing and prepared to get tanned; Mensuas offers an exotic assortment of men’s swimwear that includes a variety of style such as men’s swim bikinis, men’s trunks, men’s swim briefs, board shorts and more. So, you can choose whatever matches your taste or even buy different styles for different purposes at the beach.

Know your Size: We all know the fact that size does matter a lot when it comes down to something as basic as swimwear. Measure the size correctly and choose what fits your body type. Let’s just face the fact that every style is not for everybody. For example, if you are a well built guy with a physique little on the heavier side like me, I would not recommend you go for something like g-string but it actually depends on the personal preference. I prefer going loose and covered with swim trunks or in least case swim briefs. So choose your size carefully to enjoy the most.

Go for Comfort: Vacation is practically to cool you off and take you away from all the stress of the working life. So, if you are not comfortable in your pair of swim boxers or trunks or any other style, what’s the point of being in one? The fabric compositions, colors as well as style together constitute to be a perfect swimwear.

Go for Colors: Show off that perfect body with the bright colors and patterns available at Mensuas. A bright, fitted pair of board shorts can be slimming on any physique. Show off your personal style and dare to wear swimwear in unexpected hues such as blue, red, orange and yellow. Try trunks with bold and bright patterns. If you’re not a very big fan of vibrant colors, go for black and white combinations in chic designs. They never go out of fashion.

So, choose the right men’s swimwear for yourself, pack your bags and head to an exotic location for the best vacation. At Mensuas, you’ll find a plethora of brands that offer a wide variety of swimming apparel for men at affordable prices.

The Advantages Of Men’s Boxer Shorts


Men’s boxer shorts are the comfortable pair of men’s underwear that is loved by majority of the population for its roominess and baggy feeling. This style of undergarment can be worn under loose pants or shorts. Men’s boxer short underwear are widely available in the modest vibrant colors (solids), prints and patterns at Mensuas.

Let’s look at some of the advantages that make it so popular among men.

Comfort: Comfort is the most important aspect for which the fashion underwear is too popular. The construction of the underwear is made to keep it more airy and breathable down there in comparison to the other styles with constricted structures. Though one might not want to wear them while on the run; for an everyday wear, they are perfect. Talking about them while on the run, there are many brands that have altered the design a bit to meet that perspective too. When worn in conjunction with loose fitting pants or shorts, these do allow for cooling airflow on a hot day. A lightweight pair of boxer shorts can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Considered as Sleepwear: Men’s Boxer Shorts are so comfortable that they are preferred over briefs as a sleepwear. Boxer shorts with a front closure are more socially acceptable as sleepwear than briefs. Practically it is better to be seen in boxers rather than briefs because coverage matters a lot. This provides for a more modest silhouette that doesn’t show every last curve and detail. The versatile sexy underwear has a practical aspect too. The lesser you change from your daily wear to nightwear, the lesser laundry you have.

Patterns and Prints: Boxer shorts at Mensuas are available in solids, prints, stripes and many more designs to match any personality and taste. If you’re looking for a pair that is extremely loose and comfortable with high cuts on the sides, Cover Male boxer shorts are the most popular for their roomy construction and delightful colors. Other brands like Agacio, Uzzi, Daniel Alexander offer some unique aspects that appeal to the modern men.

Fabrics: Traditional boxer shorts were made of cotton or some classic fabrics. With the emergence of technology, materials like polyester, bamboo, treated cotton, and other microfibers are used with an amount of spandex to keep it flexible down there. The modern technology allows men to choose fabrics that they are comfortable with. So, one can choose according to the climate as well as the skin type.

Health: You must have heard a lot of researches stating that men’s brief underwear should not be worn on a regular basis. They cause a visible decrease in sperm count. It is suggested that one should give a balanced environment to the privates. Stopping to wear briefs is not the solution here, what the point is that the privates should get support of the briefs as well as comfort of boxer briefs.

Which of the above factors do you think is not applicable practically or which of them do you relate to the most? Do tell us in the comments section. For now, you can check out the inventory here.

Features Of A Men’s Underwear Store

imagesEveryone is aware that the age of retailer stores has been over powered by online shopping. Shopping for men’s underwear online surely sounds a good idea with the whole lot of advantages that come along with the store like variety, privacy, delivery, and the most loved aspect is the discounts offered for the customers. Let’s discuss the features that make men’s underwear online store popular among their customers.

Quality: Quality is the top rated feature that attracts the visitors to a shopping store. The feature does not only refer to the quality of services; it also is about the kind of men’s underwear they offer. If the quality of the apparels is not up to the mark, visitors will not become customers. So, Mensuas offers the high quality, branded intimate apparels for the modern male population.

Customer Satisfaction: The main aim of an online store is to make a relationship with the customer so that the person would come again and over again to shop from them. In order to do that, the store does a lot of things like timely delivery, easy buying process as well as provides a variety of options for them to choose from. Because the bottom line is that the customer should be satisfied.

Variety: Yeah! Variety plays an equally important role here. Any customer would come to the store and does not find the variance in the assortment; would surely leave with a heavy heart and will not come back again. Variety refers to the styles, cuts, colors, fabrics and more. A good underwear store should have various styles such as men’s briefs, men’s boxer briefs, men’s thongs, men’s g-strings and many others.

Pricing: It is a known fact that online stores are cheaper than any retailer stores. If you compare the prices, you’ll surely come back to online shopping and finally make the purchase. Even though different underwear come with different prices attached to them especially designer underwear, you should always make a point to stick to a store that offers good, stylish, comfortable, sexy underwear with affordable fashion options. It is better when you are in a position to afford every single item that you need. The prices should however not affect your choice of good quality underwear as this is not the most important consideration.

Privacy: A good and faithful online store should give a lot of importance to the privacy of their customers. At Mensuas, your order is kept private till it is delivered at the provided address. You just have to make a purchase whenever it is comfortable for you and have nothing to worry about.

The underwear store has a lot to offer to it’s customers; from great styles to a memorable experience. Mensuas also offers a unique assortment of flag underwear for men by some of the popular brands in men’s apparel world. Shop the most exotic underwear range at the most pocket friendly prices at Mensuas.

Good Devil Tassle Brief- Brief or Boxer Brief


Tassle Brief by the devilish brand Good Devil is one of the sophisticated yet sexy underwear. Brief underwear is also among the most popular product liked by the modern men. It is highly functional on the inside as well as sexy overall. Let’s get down to the features of the Tassle Brief.

About the product

Good Devil introduced a unique men’s underwear with a dual purpose design. The designer men’s brief underwear features an adjustable tassle on the sides for easy adjustment. So, you can easily turn it into boxer brief or brief. The soft fabric blend of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex makes it appropriate for every day.

This pair also includes contrast piping on the side of the legs and a repetitive brand’s logo on the waistband.

What we like?

Design: The unique tassle is the best feature that lets you alter the underwear according to your wish. Hence, you can increase or decrease the length of the underwear according to the need of leg movement, you just need to pull the tassle and voila! You’ve transformed your underwear from one style to another.

Fabric: The soft fabric composition falls smoothly and pampers the skin wherever it touches. Innovative fashion underwear has a sexy see-through rear but a wrapped up front with a smooth finished pouch. The microfiber blend provides plenty of stretch and flexibility. Nylon has its own popular traits like durability and breathability.

Pouch: Though the pouch looks smooth; it also provides ample support to the manhood with the enhancing features and flattening cuts that help you show off your goods.

What we don’t like?

The underwear is only available in two basic colors: black and red. Though these two colors are extremely sexy and enhance your profile in a better way, with more color options the Tassle Brief would have had a better reach to more moods and likes.

Hence, if you want to spend on something that is more functional, sexy and also two-in-one, Good Devil Tassle Brief would definitely is the sure shot. It not only keeps you from spending on two different styles; it also makes you look sexier and stylish.

Some Tips To Prevent Your Underwear From Showing

Most of us face the problem of showy underwear, especially in cases of high rising men’s underwear styles. So wearing extremely low resting waistbands is not the only solution or stopping to wear something that you really love. There are more steps that you can adopt to prevent it to come out of the pants.

Let me lay down some of the useful, handy and practical tips that will help you solve the problem.

Try pairing up properly: When you plan to wear something which is low waist and makes you conscious, try teaming up with low resting apparel styles like men’s briefs or men’s boxer briefs or anything of that sorts. On the other hand, you can also go for skimpy men’s exotic underwear styles like men’s g-string or men’s thongs.

Wear a longer shirt/tee: This is for those who can pair their pants with a lengthy tee or shirt; the option of tucking them in is also worth considering. After tucking the shirt in, bend over and check if there are possibilities of your sexy underwear to protrude from the waist.

Belt it up: Wearing a loose pant might increase the showy lines of the underwear as your pant will sag and the latter will rise up. So, it is better to keep a back up for emergencies.

Wear darker bottoms: Showy undergarment does not only restrict to their lines coming out from the pants; it also refers to pairing up the light colored pants with contrast undergarments. However, if the intention is to show off your goods with sexy men’s briefs underwear or some other style, you can go ahead with it. If not, then try to slip into a darker shade of pants that do not reveal what’s inside.

Pay heed to tight denims: Let’s face the fact that modern men like to adorn tight denims and pants that stick to the body. The only problem with tight lowers is that the nasty underwear lines stick out and make the margins visible to anyone who looks at your rear. Luckily, this the right moment where you can go for some erotic underwear styles like men’s g-string or men’s c-string that saves you from the embarrassment.

At Mensuas, you’ll find all the desired kind of styles, designs, patterns, colors, fabrics of your choice. Check out the inventory and please do let us know if you have any other suggestions that prevent the intimate apparel to show on your trousers.

The Most Comfortable- Agacio Basic Thong


Agacio means ‘good’ in Greek and the products by the brand surely compliment the name. Agacio Basic Thong is one of the most popular men’s underwear at Mensuas. The men’s thong underwear is comfortable, functional and sexy. The super soft fabric blend of 96% Modal and 4% Spandex feels like a second skin on your body.

What we like?

Agacio does not manufacture products that are not liked by men themselves. So literally, having seen the reviews on the website, you’ll get the assurance of trying one of them.

Fit: Designer underwear has a snug fit with perfect pouch for man. The sack lifting technique incorporated provides a subtle yet sexy lift to your boy leaving the sides for the view. The rear has a little more fabric than offered by other brands that manages to hide the butt crack.

Rating: 4.5/5

Comfort: Comfort runs in the bloodline of Agacio. All the products including Agacio men’s thong underwear are ‘tailored by men, for men’ keeping in mind the need of men’s intimate clothing. The majority of reviews given by Agacio wearers are that they love the way these fit and give comfort. One of a verified customer at Mensuas gave the following feedback.

Rating: (5/5)

“I love the way these fit. They are very comfortable, and everything fits in them nicely without exposing genitalia. I will be getting more of these. They fit much better than others I have tried”

What we don’t like?

The entire product is very well crafted to keep it minimal and soft on the skin, the only problem that came across was the back stitch. According to the wearers, some found the stitching on the rear a little rough in comparison to the smooth pouch. If you really feel that the problem persists, try wearing the thong inside out (nobody will know) and you’ll be back to feeling great.

Who can wear it?

Men who seek to try thong for the first time; this is the best and most comfortable piece that gives you a happy experience of sexy underwear. Rest of you, who know what a thong looks and feels like, this is surely going to add on the sex appeal to your personality.

These can be worn everyday to work as well as tempt and tease your partner on those special nights. Guys, you can try these and pamper your privates; but until you try them, you’ll never know how they feel. Hence, try them and do leave a comment below telling us how you felt after wearing Agacio Basic Thong Underwear.

All About Silk Underwear

As we all know that silk has its exceptional properties that have made it so popular among the human race. Starting from women’s clothing, nightwear and lingerie; it was passed onto men’s clothing and men’s underwear.

Silk feels magnificent against the skin, and when worn as intimate apparel, it just gives a wow feeling. It is smooth, silky and extremely lightweight and complements loose silhouettes. Silk features qualities like it keeps you warm in cool or dropping temperature, treated silk is moisture wicking, it does not require ironing because of its shrink resistance and is a durable fabric. Long silk underwear layers well for cold-weather activity because it adds little bulk.

Silk underwear is available in abundance at men’s underwear online stores. With the increasing craze of silk among men for the luxurious feeling, the supply of men’s apparel has gradually increased. Silk boxers are gaining popularity among the modish men, for they are sexy, stylish and extremely comfortable.

You might be a traditional person with a bounded thought process and limited choices in terms of your underwear. The next time when you plan to discard your old stock, do consider these advantages of men’s silk underwear.

Availability: These men’s sexy underwear are commonly available in the market and has covered the gamut of styles available in men’s underwear. Some of the styles available are: Men’s boxers underwear Men’s briefs underwear Men’s thong underwear Men’s bikini underwear; and more

Keeps a balanced temperature: Silk features this unique characteristic trait of balancing the temperature in any climate. In summers, the luxurious fabric will keep you cool whereas, in winters it keeps you cozy and warm within. So, it’s like an air conditioner to your privates where you need not adjust the temperature. Some of the most exotic underwear for men are crafted with silk fabric.

The smooth feel: The feeling of the magnificent fabric on the body makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed as if you’re not wearing anything underneath. It also is a pleasure for the viewer or someone who actually wants to come closer to you. You brush yourself against her and make that moment more memorable than imagined. Silk does not stick around but covers what needs to be covered in the best possible way.

Soft Waistband: With the numerous options of styles of men’s designer underwear to choose from, the waistband varies accordingly. In any case though, the fabric softens the hold of the elastic on the waist. It grips around comfortably and is perfect for lounging around.

Does not wrinkle: As discussed above, silk is an all rounder fabric. It is obtained naturally and is treated accordingly to get the best of it. It is durable and when you stretch it to the most, it will not lose its actual shape. After washing, it won’t have those nasty wrinkles like your other pair of men’s nylon underwear would. They dry so quickly that once you get them wet and within sometime, it’ll be ready to be worn again. Hence, they’re great for travelling purposes too.

Designs and patterns: Silk also welcomes varieties of colors and patterns to be imprinted on them. So, you’ll find a plethora of men’s fashion underwear at in vibrant solids, stripes, funky patterns and more for every taste. From sophisticated to naughty, Mensuas has it covered. Choose yours at and feel the tempting feeling of men’s silk underwear against your body.

Play Run and Chase with Miami Jock Inmate Costume


We all know that our lives run on motives. Motives to achieve, gain, win, play and tease are some of the many that keep us going. Miami Jock Inmate Costume has a naughty factor attached to it. The costume features a men’s boxer brief underwear and some playful accessories. The fabric composition of 86% polyester and 14% spandex provides a bigger room for stretch with ample comfort.

About the product

Miami Jock Inmate costume features an erotic boxer brief with bar-like openings on the pouch. What clicks your mind on the first look is that the prisoner is behind the bars peeping outside for that perfect moment to escape. The playful accessories include a pair of handcuffs to make the action more intense and sensuous; a prisoner hat to actually make you feel like a prisoner.


  • Concept: The unique and innovative concept of the sexy underwear costume gives me goose bumps when I think of wearing it and getting prepared for some action with my partner. The actual feeling of a prisoner would give her the right to command over me.
  • Design: The prisoner black and white stripes on the erotic underwear as well as on the hat look outstanding and very unique. The contoured pouch with strap openings is naughty yet enhancing.
  • Comfort: Though the designer underwear costume has a lot to offer, it does not compromise on the level of comfort it provides to the male anatomy. The fabric incorporated is apt for breathability, comfort with a lot of stretch. Probably the amount of spandex is more than other products due to the involvement of leg movement and running around hiding from the police.

The product gave no cons for us to highlight. The perfect counterpart of the men’s underwear costume is the Police Officer Costume. Wear I the handcuffs according to the need of the hour as well as however you want. You just need to be a little more imaginative. Shop for the costumes and also others at for discounted prices.

Some Tips To Choose The Right Underwear

As far as I know, some men just can’t get off with their 30 years old underwear and are very pleased with them. But some exceptional are very passionate about their intimate apparel and try almost everything that appeals to their eye. Mensuas covers the entire gamut of men’s underwear styles such as men’s briefs underwear, boxers, jockstraps, thongs and so many more skimpier styles.

Let’s just look at the various tips to choose the right underwear for you.

Understand your style: Let’s just face it! Going out of your comfort zone is something most people don’t like. So whatever is your concept about your underwear; for example, comfort, support, coverage (full/minimal/least) and many other aspects count when you plan to buy a new pair of men’s fashion underwear. Hence, think before you something that makes you regret your decision.

Consider your daily routine: Every man has a different daily routine, as in the work schedules, nature of job, etc. Try opting for something that keeps you comfortable throughout the day as well as supports and prevents your boy from chafing. For someone in a field job wearing men’s boxer underwear will keep it loose down there and you might kill your manhood with constant movement. You can opt of men’s boxer briefs underwear in this case. So, choose carefully what you opt for.

Try something new: The first point talked about knowing yourself and your style. This point is more of the motivation purpose. When did you last think of trying sexy underwear? Never? It’s the right to think about it. You should understand the purposes of various sexy styles like men’s thong underwear, g-string or c-string underwear. They might look skimpy on the outside, but surely are very comfortable and functional inside.

Browse and explore: Going to retailer stores and asking for men’s C-string underwear might give you staring eye balls. Mensuas is one of the leading men’s underwear store that offers every possible style, color, design, cut and fabrics known to man. Go online and check out the most vibrant, mood refreshing fashion underwear available. It will not only brighten up your mood and wardrobe; it will also save you from the embarrassment.

Keep it minimal: Keeping it minimal on the coverage is your own decision. The point here refers to your pocket. Think about the cost of per underwear you buy. Buying sexy underwear worth $50 is a little too much to be spent on one pair. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a lump sum of your salary in just one pair. Though once in a blue moon you can invest in some exotic underwear meant for special purposes.

At Mensuas, you’ll surely find that appeals to your eye on the first and will serve its true purpose later. Check for the specifications before you buy anything; especially the fabric and size. Size plays an important part here. An ill fit underwear can give you a lot of pain either ways.

The 5 W’s In Men’s Underwear

Have you heard of 5W’s and 1H in Journalism? It basically stands for what, where, when, why, who and how. Same is the case with men’s underwear industry; there are the 5W’s but no H. Today we’ll have a better perspective towards the intimate apparel for men with the same aspects.

WHAT are the different kinds of men’s undergarment styles available today? Most of us know that in today’s times we see a plethora of styles being sold in the market as well at the men’s underwear store. Some of the popular styles are:

WHEN did the men’s intimate apparel gain popularity? Earlier men saw their undergarments just a mere necessity. Though it is one of the basic necessities for men, it also should be seen as a part of clothing. When men take a lot of time in deciding what they’re going to wear outside; they should do the same for their fashion underwear. It was seen some decades back that men actually started taking the same a little seriously. In the 20th century the industry was in the boom and the competitors started to produce innovative designs and styles.

WHY is an undergarment important for men? This question has both traditional as well as a modern perspective to it. Traditionally, the loincloth was brought into existence for covering the privates and safeguarding them. Even today, the concept is the same but with an addition of sex appeal to it. So, modern styles and designs are meant for the fashion buffs who seek to keep it trendy down there. So they buy sexy underwear in order to keep fashionable.

WHERE to find the best fashion underwear for men? Men’s mesh underwear or something more fashionable and sexy is available at Mensuas. As discussed above the apparel should be well made in terms of style as well as comfort. The brands at Mensuas provide the best of experience for their customers. So once you check on the men’s underwear store, filter your search according to your style, brand, color, and price and get your desired products easily.

WHO are the popular brands available that offer the best products? Some of the very popular brands available at Mensuas are Good Devil, Cover Male, Intymen, Agacio, Candyman, Miami Jock, Pikante, PPU, Mensuas, Otzi and so many more that are unique in their styles, patterns, prints, designs, fabrics and technologies for a better profile.

Go ahead, check out the website and do please tell us know which brand, product or style made you go head over heels in the comments section.