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Undergarments are the most basic pieces of any clothing article and are surely a necessity as they cover, support as well as protects the male anatomy from any kind of harm. If you notice, men’s underwear industry has taken a huge leap from just a few options to unbelievably numerous one to choose from. Mensuas, a.k.a Mens Underwear And Swimwear store was introduced in 1999 and since then it has seen its share of change in the men’s underwear world. Since the era of loincloth to the current scenario, the status of men’s underwear has gone from necessity to passion and an evolving sense of style. Mensuas has been an integral part of men’s lives and has been upgrading according to the changing trends and fashion sense. You’d be able to find products that go all the way from conventional and classic to outrageous, and revolutionary.

Mensuas offers selectively popular men’s underwear and swimwear brands for your ultimate experience

Mensuas.com has spent more than a decade in the industry and has grown from a few brands to more than 60 high-end, popular and unique labels that offer authentic and unique products for the variety of personalities. Some of the exotic names available at the store include Good Devil, Intymen, Agacio, Joe Snyder, Candyman, Cover Male, Mensuas, Male Power, Gregg Homme, PPU, Daniel Alexander, Otzi, Edipous, 2xist, Xtremen, Miami Jock and so many more. Look out the entire catalog from the basic tighty whitey briefs to the exemplary sensuous thongs for the bestseller products in the most convenient way by filtering your favorite brand from the sidebar. The inventory of basic clothing article at Mensuas exhibits a combination of sexy, classy, and stylish collection of various styles with a plethora of cuts perfect for every possible occasion like office, parties, romantic evenings and more. The continuously upgrading of the catalog is what we at Mensuas believe in staying up with the trend and fashion.

Every label available at the online store is unique and has a bestseller assortment that is targeted towards a specific kind of wearers. Some of the examples of your easy choosing can be:

Likewise, there are many brands which offer the gamut of men’s apparel styles but definitely have a bestseller range. Buy men’s apparel online at our men’s underwear store and get the best deals and discounts that will compel you to visit time and again for better offers. You can explore the huge catalog for not only men’s underwear but also for men’s swimwear, shapewear, lifters, etc. Whether the idea is to get full coverage with enhancement or the feeling of going commando without compromising with the profile visibility; the store has multitudes of options available such as ball lifters, butt lifters, c-rings and more. Therefore, Mensuas will be your one stop destination that lets you explore and get what you seek at easy and affordable options.

Buy from the gamut of men’s underwear styles at Mensuas at affordable prices

It is no secret that men have become more fashion-conscious towards their basic need and have been working or probably pampering the male anatomy with some of the best cuts, luxurious fabrics, and numerous pouch enhancement options. Today’s men like to keep it stylish and also minimal on their skin. Hence, Mensuas carries an inventory with a plethora of men’s designer underwear styles. Take a walk in the men’s underwear online store inventory for styles like men’s briefs, bikinis, boxer briefs, jockstraps, thongs, g-strings and many more. As there are countless options available in men’s underwear, you can experiment with the various looks according to the number of occasions you have, such as- office, parties, romantic evening, workouts and more. Mensuas has the widest range of catalog available for the diverse range of personalities.

Buying a product at Mensuas is a cake walk

We, at Mensuas work round the clock, to make your shopping experience a happy and smooth one. We know how it feels to go out and hunt for your favorite pairs when other watch you with the staring and judgmental eyes. However, it is way more convenient to buy something from the online store rather than going at every brick and mortar shops and experience the best way to shop with the use of filters available at the store and getting what you’re looking for. Mensuas has a wide range of products to choose from in men’s underwear to make your whole buying experience smooth and time-saving. All you have to do is to apply the filters- Size, Brand, Style, Price and Color, and you’ll be directed to the page that matches your understanding. You can then choose the ones that match your personality and likes and take them straight to the checkout page. The cart icon will display that you have something in the cart waiting to be purchased. Select from the options of a number of products (if you want to buy more than 1) and choose the payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Maestro and more). Lastly, you can easily pay the amount and get the delivery at your doorstep at your desired time.  

As an added advantage, you get to save a lot of money with the Mensuas Money, Referral Program, and Free Shipping. If you do not like the product somehow, please go through the return policies before placing the product for return.

Men’s Underwear for your knowledge and easy choosing

Whether you’re a guy who prefers to go for conventional styles or someone who is ready to experiment, daring or shy, sophisticated or outrageous, there are styles to match your taste and likes at Mensuas.

Brief Underwear

The conventional style of men's brief with the modern finishing is a must-have for every man who's looking for style, support, and comfort.The form-fitting style hugs the package and keeps it bundled together. Covering the assets of the wearer, the high cuts of the underneath apparel provides you a bang on trend style.

Low cut briefs

These types of briefs rests a little lower than your normal waistline and do the needful to cover the right places. They are apt for low waist jeans.

Mid cut briefs

These types of briefs just sit in the right place i.e. your waistline.

Boxer Brief Underwear

A true combination of boxer and briefs is the boxer brief underwear. Boxers lend the comfort whereas, the support and thrust are adopted from the briefs and boxer briefs were introduced. Depending on the numerous brands, this style varies in terms of length. While some might cover 3/4th of your thighs and some may stick to half coverage. Some boxer briefs may have the fly option and some may not. A true boxer brief will provide the comfort and stability at the same time.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are another style branched out of briefs and boxer briefs. They are designed for the ‘free you’. For men who seek comfort, breathability and room for manhood, boxer shorts are for them. Apt for baggy pants or pajamas, they are styled for athletic guys. Further divided, boxer shorts can be classified in terms of being body hugging and loose. A brand like Agacio offers boxer shorts which are body hugging and are crafted with a unique Sack-Lifting technology for the extra grip and enhancement. Whereas, Cover Male and Daniel Alexander offer a wide range of loose boxer shorts.


Men’s Jockstraps are specifically engineered intimate apparels for athletes. There are a variety of them available at the online store. This style is known for the support and thrust they provide to your privates. A jockstrap is an underwear worn under shorts or trousers for any athletic purpose. The classic design of a jockstrap has a contoured pouch to protect and support the genitalia. Two elastic waistbands go around the thighs to keep everything in place. Some brands also manufacture fashion jockstraps for the comfortable you.

Bikini Underwear

Men's bikinis are the next level of men's briefs. The style is mostly without visible waistband and is more appealing to the eye than the ordinary pair of briefs but provides the same level of comfort. The bikinis are more revealing than briefs, but the coverage varies according to the brand as well as the type of cuts. Some give maximum coverage to the rear and minimum to the pouch and vice versa. They even are available as a swimwear and are great to show off those well-made abs on the beach.

Thong Underwear

Thongs are ideal for the men who like it less. Thong underwear ranges from full frontal coverage to no coverage at all; the fabric covers minimum on the seat. Thongs with the most minimal coverage have strings. While some love to flaunt it open whereas, the rest would hide the partition. Thongs are lightweight, comfortable and barely there, with a host of options that leave little to the imagination.

G-String Underwear

G-strings are the skimpier version of men’s thongs. The difference between the two is the rear coverage. For men who love to flaunt their assets providing the protection to the package it requires. A pair of g-string thong is a tiny piece of fabric that keeps everything together on the front. It has a string waistband that goes all the way between your bum cheeks to the front where the fabric covers the package. They are the apt way to flaunt your well-toned body. Some of the underwear styles have inbuilt C-ring for the extra enhancement and better confidence.

C-String Underwear

C- Strings is meant for the man who can dare. It is seductive and skimpy at the same time. C-Strings are without a waistband. In terms of structure, it looks more like a headband. One end has a narrow piece of fabric that covers the manhood and the string goes all the way through the buttocks to stay still in the rear. This style is self-supportive and unique. They are paired up with tights, tight trousers, and jeans so that the underwear lines are not visible. The range of C-string on mensuas.com offered by Good Devil is vast, naughty, and head turning.

Which are the top brands available at Mensuas?

The online store has more than 50 brands that manufacture various styles of men’s underwear and something unique to offer to their customers. Let’s see some of the top brands available at Mensuas.

Cover Male

Established in 2011, Cover Male has surely made its place among the modern men. The brand manufactures men’s underwear that is sexy, stylish and highly comfortable. The assortment of colors offered by Cover Male is vast, vibrant and for every mood and taste of men’s personalities.


“Designed for men by men” is what Agacio is all about. The brand works on the comfort rule and believes that only men can understand what men need. Agacio underwear is a perfect balance of style, support and comfort. Te brand offers Bikinis, Briefs, Jockstraps, Boxer briefs and Trunks available in solid colors, printed patterns, and stripes.

Daniel Alexander

With the aim of changing how men look at their underneath fashion, Daniel Alexander introduced products that were considered to be “Oh so Soft” on the manhood. The luxurious fabric composition and the conventional cuts with twists are what the assortment talks about. Boxer briefs, thongs, g-strings, bikinis, and boxer shorts are the styles featured by the brand.

Calvin Klein

It is needless to say anything about what Calvin Klein is to men. Featuring a supreme quality fabric and the priority being the comfort level, the label is aimed at providing stylish apparel styles to the males. Calvin Klein offers briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, thongs and much more. From the basic of colors, you’ll find bright hues to brighten up your Mondays.

Daddy Underwear

As it was mentioned above, Daddy Underwear might be the recently introduced in the industry as well as at Mensuas, but the brand has coined its name among men. Popular for the innovative designs and uniquely constructed pieces, the aim is to take the sex appeal to the next level. With a collection of male thongs, g-strings, and jockstrap underwear, every product boasts about exposure.


While introduced with Daddy Underwear, Honcho is just what the other is not. With the conventional styles like bikini briefs, thongs and boxer shorts, the label is all about stripes as well as solid designs. For the conventionally sound personalities, the products also are sexy in their own terms.

Good Devil

Feel sexy in your own skin is what Good Devil talks about. The brand being the sexiest brand as well as revolutionary launched the traditional styles of men’s underwear with a skimpy, tasteful twist in it. The whole assortment is about focusing on the wildest fantasies of men. They have been evolving in terms of creativity they put in for designing the range. Good Devil underwear is specially crafted for men who love to flaunt their asset; be it in the rear or the package.


Since the inception, Intymen has been popular among modern men for their collection of traditional to erotic pieces for every personality. Intymen combines classic styles with modern prints and patterns to deliver trendy men’s underwear. Intymen has a whole range of Thongs, Bikinis, Boxer briefs and Jockstraps.

Pistol Pete

The eye candy prints and high quality finishing of Pistol Pete can complete your wardrobe. The underwear of the brand provides full front and back coverage. The anatomical pouch for best ever support and comfort.

Some popular fabrics that you should have in your top drawer

The style and comfort of any garment come down to the type of fabric it uses. Underwear being the most basic of any costume requires the best of fabric to give a comfortable feeling. Fabrics like Cotton, Nylon, Satin and Spandex are very common, but fabrics like leather, acrylic etc are also used for different reasons.


Cotton has been there for the longest of time and still is the most widely preferred choice for intimate apparel for men. The fabric is popular for it’s a lot of advantages like sweat absorbency and inexpensive feature. It is treated in order t make it useful and lightweight. The con here is that they don’t dry quickly and shrink with time. Cotton is further divided into:


Nylon is another age old fabric that is widely used in men’s sexy underwear. The properties that make it common are its durability and light weight. Nylon fabrics retain their shape and appearance after washing and hence, do not shrink. It can be found in various styles such as men’s briefs underwear, men’s boxer briefs, men’s jockstraps and more.


Polyester is not a natural fabric and is created scientifically. It was made keeping the needs of man and aspects that should be there in any designer underwear. The properties of the fabrics are durability, quick drying feature, ability to hold color exceptionally well, shrink resistance and do not wrinkle.


It is a silky material that was created as an alternative to silk. It is less expensive, smooth and extremely breathable. It does not shrink like cotton but spills whatever liquids come in contact with the fabric.


Silk is a luxurious fabric obtained from the natural resources. The fabric came later in men’s exotic underwear while earlier it was used in nightwear and other outer clothing. The properties that make it a must have are softness, insulation and strength.


Satin is glossy, smooth and sleek in appearance. One side of the fabric is bright and shiny whereas the other side is dull and rough. For underwear, the fabric is used for those perfect dates and moment of intimacy.


A combination of Modal and Microfibers, the fabric has a lot to offer in terms of advantages in men’s underwear. It is smoother than cotton, does not shrink, the color does not fade easily, let's the skin breathe and also is a good absorbent. So many qualities in one fabric make it a widely used underwear fabric.


Also known as “Elastane” the fabric has been very popularly used in men’s basic clothing. Earlier not known to many, it was restricted to only waistbands but gradually designers realized its importance and incorporated it as a basic fabric in every piece.


Leather is very famous for its rich appeal and great looks. Mostly found in jackets, skirts, and other clothing pieces; the fabric has made a distinctive place in the men’s intimate apparel world. It is supple and very appealing to the eye. The best part of the material is it looks better as it ages.

Hence, whether you’re looking for something traditional with modern prints and patterns or a pair that reveal your personality, you’ll find everything under one roof at Mensuas. Shop the exclusive assortment of men’s briefs, men’s boxer briefs, jockstraps, men’s thongs, boxer shorts, g-strings and so much more at Mensuas.

For any assistance, you can contact the customer support at Mensuas and we will be happy to help you. Start shopping today!!

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