Boxer shorts are the classic, loose-fitting underwear that guys wear under loose fitting pants. These type of underwear are for those who really like to hang loose and don’t need any type of support down there. Ideal for lounging or even as use as pajamas, boxer shorts are multi-purpose in that they are not limited to underwear alone. Many guys feel comfortable enough in their boxer shorts to go out and water the lawn or get the mail. It is important to keep in mind the pants you wear over a pair of underwear, because they should be appropriately matched. You do not want to wear boxer shorts under a pair of skinny jeans, as they would bunch up. If you wear loose fitting pants, then boxer shorts could be for you.

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Men's Boxer Shorts

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  • Male Power MP145-194 Orange

    Male Power MP145-194 Orange

    Brand: Male Power Model:MP145-194-Orange Availability: In Stock
    Price: $8.99$15.00
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    The feminine style of lace with the contrasting combination of masculine boxer is a perfect combination if you're looking for something different than the usual. The fabric reveals, but the pouch supports and keeps the manhood in the correct place. Brand - Male Power Sexy lace Traditional boxer Refe..
    $15.00 $8.99
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