22 thoughts on “Michael”

  1. I’m one hell of bottom baby ? your body is so smooth an shaped I’d love that all over me an looking in your eyes while I finger an lick that hole up an down your taint to the tip of your cock

  2. Okay you need to stop cheating lol because this is gross and there’s no way you are passing all these people. Get a life and stop trying to make fake conversations to make yourself feel better. Alright. ✌?

    1. For one, i am not cheating. Two, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other’s do. Three, i believe its you that needs a life to come up with a bull shit story. And fourth, your just mad cause people don’t like you. I have never cheated and never plan too. Its just a underwear contest.

  3. This is my last waste of my life answering you. Thanks for letting me know you know how to count but, you can clearly see by the amount of views and how rapidly you are moving up. If you’re going to cheat at least own it. Also, here’s some advice for you please do something with that mess on your head. That’s all ?

  4. Michael, you are so hot. Your 7.5 and my 8.5 would be perfect together, exploring every orifice. My tongue would love to check your hole and tonsils and would lick you from head to toes

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