Men's G-strings Swimwear

Men's G-String Swimwear

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G-string Swimwear for Men

Men’s G-string features a narrow piece of fabric crafted in fabrics like leather, cotton, satin, nylon and even polyester and is attached to a string-like waistband. The skimpy style of this men’s underwear is considered to be the close cousin of men’s thongs. The outrageously bold undergarment are crafted for wild fantasies. Covering the bare essentials down there, this underneath apparel let you show off your masculinity.  
Mensuas is one of the leading online men’s underwear store. The site is your go-to shop for the hottest men's g-strings on the market. Not only this, the assortment includes all sort of men’s underwear and swimwear in a variety of vibrant colors and different cuts and dynamic patterns. In short, it’s a stop-destination for all undergarment  needs of modern men. Whether you're looking for a "hot little number" to wear in the Jacuzzi, or something slightly more traditional that you can flaunt at the beach, Mensuas offers a wide variety of men's g-strings to fit every need. Check back throughout the season for great savings on the best designer brands, including Speedo, Marcuse, Tulio, Uzzi, Cover Male, Good Devil, 2xist and more. Each and every piece in the assortment are perfect for dazzling the onlookers at the bright and sunny afternoon at the beach. In addition to g-strings, we carry several other styles of men's bathing suits, including swim trunks, briefs, squarecuts, bikinis and swim thongs.
Every guy needs at least one g-string in his swimwear collection. Not at all for the faint hearts, G-strings are designed with one primary goal: keep the fabric as well as the coverage to a minimum. The waistband of these super slinky garments does not pop out of your pants as they are very thin and  string-like structure that typically comes together in a T-back or Y-back on the rear side. Coverage on the buttocks is almost nonexistent, so you can flaunt your cheeks with pride! You can wear them underneath other swimwear if you want to keep things discreet at public places such as beaches, pools and water parks. The contoured pouch of the G-string swimwear will keep the package in place. Keeping the manhood at an elevated position, the underneath article can bring the entire attention down there. G-strings are also practical for guys who like to tan, allowing you to sunbathe the parts of your body that are rarely exposed to the sun.  
So go ahead and put your best assets on display – all the irresistible g-strings at Mensuas are undeniably sexy, and you'll love the liberating feeling of wearing something so lightweight and skimpy!


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