C-String is known as extremely sexy and daring underwear. C-strings stands on its own for creativity and unique approach to covering the male private area. The front pouch is covered with a soft lining of fabric and the entire piece appears to be floating in air.  The trick comes in the back stick that presses between your cheeks and keeps everything in its place.  This is the perfect piece to shock someone or just to feel amazingly free under your pants.  On a more practical level, C-strings is very popular men's underwear for tanning, whether it be in a tanning salon or in your backyard. If you use it at the beach or local pool, you may do more than just turn some heads.

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Men's C-String

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  • Good Devil C-String GD1018  Leopard

    Good Devil C-String GD1018 Leopard

    Brand: Good Devil C-String Model:GD1018-Leopard Availability: In Stock
    Price: $7.33$14.65
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    8 Review(s). 8 Review(s).
    Flaunt the best of you with Good Devil C-String. It is a self supporting, sexy and erotic undergarment that holds its place on its own without a waistband. The fabric covers up the essentials and still allows one to get an even tan. You can wear it under any type of clothes. By appearance it is sexy..
    $14.65 $7.33
    8 Review(s). 8 Review(s).
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