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What to Do on Valentine's Day?

Well, in the last blog I had mentioned about the various days in the Valentine's Week and how you can make the most of it. With love in the air...

Well, in the last blog I had mentioned about the various days in the Valentine's Week and how you can make the most of it. With love in the air getting heavier, you should start buckling up yourself and take hints left by your partner every now and then. Some couples feel that there's so much done in the entire week that one gets confused as of what they can do on the final day. However, that's exactly the day that you need to make special along with the others.

Don't you think so??

Well, if you agree with me, this is the right place where you'll find the different things which will make your Valentine's Day a lot more happening and loved.

Start up early

If you've been in love with your man, you gotta do everything that makes me happy which obviously means to start with good food. Someone rightly said, "a way to man's heart is through his stomach". You gotta give a sweet kick start to his morning with chocolaty breakfast (only if he's got a sweet tooth). However, if you know that he likes savory, experiment with that as well.

Make him live his fantasy

If you know what we mean by this!! Well, men are men and they love to be pampered. If you've been with for a while, you'd know what turns him on and all about his fantasies. Why not make him live one of them every hour? Whether it is gifting him his favorite pair of men's underwear or turning up wearing that he wants to see you in, this calls for some action.

Leave notes as hints

You have had a hectic schedule and so does your man and you're looking for something different this time rather than going out in the crowd. Well, plan a seductive evening and do the preparations for that. Don't let him know!! Instead, leave hints for him to join the pieces of the puzzle. Sexting is also a method of making him understand what's on your mind. Let him know that there's something very interesting waiting for him in the evening.

Try something new

When he comes back home after the day long work, make sure you make him relax with an appetizing dinner. Let the ambiance talk about what you have on your mind. You can freshen up, let him do the same and ask him to slip into the male thong or sheer underwear you bought as a gift for him.

Get down and dirty or play by your rules

Men like it when their partners are dominating. They appreciate it when they don't have to take it step by step rather than going with the flow. Hence, take control, do roleplays with costume underwear, get dirty between the sheets and celebrate your Valentine's Day. What do you? Do you have a different idea to make your man happy? Do let us know in the comments below. Stories You May Like:
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