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Valentine's Day Celebrations- All over the World

Ah! Romance.. What can be better than a bouquet of roses, candlelight dinner and those love texts that couples share on Valentine's Day? With all the ideas provided in the last blog on the day of love as well as the meaning of the various days in the Valentine week, this edition finally is the one that informs you. I know the information is not what you want, but it's always interesting to know how others celebrate the day of love. Well, if it is on a bigger scale, it's even more important. Considering that, this blog would detail you about the Valentine's Day celebrations all over the world.

The United States

When you're in the U.S. for the lovers day, you'd find that greeting cards are the most common gifts among couples. Apart from this, the public show of affection is in full form with gifts like chocolates, flowers, jewelry and more. That's not it! Students, friends and even kids (with their parents) exchange notes of appreciation, love, and gratitude. You'll also find short notes like "Marry Me", "Kiss Me", "Be Mine Forever" and more being exchanged with he person you love.

The United Kingdom

The traditional way of celebrating Valentine's Day in the United Kingdom is by flaunting it openly. Staring be exchanging the gifts (mentioned above) to having a lavish dinner in the town or candlelight dinner at home. Hence, that's what happens in the UK.

Japan and South Korea

Well, where the rest of the world is busy wooing the women race, this part of the world is all about pampering men. Chocolates being the token of appreciation, women gift the same to their colleagues, friends and obviously their men. That's not it! While this day is for men, March 14th also celebrated as the "White Day" is where men pamper women with cakes, flowers and gifts. Fancy hmm!!


If you're in Peru, you'd surely witness mass weddings on the 14th of February. In addition, if you're still beginning your love life, you'd want to give your partner an orchid flower rather than rose because that's the native flower. With the countrywide Carnival celebrations, everybody gets an off on the day of love to spend some quality time with their partners.


In India, you'd find a romantic movie release every year that makes the couples to start their day from that. After that, you'd find partners spending quality time shopping for each other an finishing off with a sumptuous dinner. It is more like a date for them where love is in the air. Where would you like to spend this Valentine's Day? Do let us know in the comments below. Liked This? You'll Like These Too:

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