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An encounter of Donald Trump with Kevin Cook

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In a recent article in the Men's Journal, Kevin Cook shares his encounter with Donald Trump back in 2004, long before anyone would have imagined him as the 45th president of the United States. The write-up shares some of the hidden insights and lesser known facts about Mr. Trump. According to Mr. Cook, he first came in'Trump's radar' in the year 2003 when he became the editor of The Golf Magazine. Certifying him as the golfer-in-chief, the writer seems to be pretty impressed with the athletic side of the president. According to him, Americans have seen plenty of presidents, but none of them has been as closely associated with sports as Trump. Now, this piece of information may be news to you or else at least for me it was! Trump owns 16 golf courses which are now being run by his son Eric. Out of which 12 are in the US, one in Scotland, Dubai and Ireland each. Now, coming back to the day when Cook got to play some rounds with non-other than the current president of America! He considers it to be the fastest golf that he has ever played. He recalls an incident when Trump thumped a drive about 270 yards and dared him to beat it. In reply, Cook swung his bat as hard as he could and it rested a few yards past the formal one. The perfect hit was well-appreciated by Trump as he said, "a hell of a hit. But I don't want to see your underwear after the swing!" Well, I would have suggested him to wear a low rise men's underwear to keep the waistband from popping out of the pants. Trump even invited Cook to Florida to play his course in West Palm Beach. He goes on to say that Trump was a generous host, as lively and full of fun stealing bacon off the plates. He was charming with my wife and friendly with our kids. On the back nine, he missed a clip shot and said, "I suck!". However, a second later just like his usual self, he rectified it by saying, "I suck, but isn't this a hell of a hole?" Kevin Cook sums up the entire incidence by saying that Trump, the golfer is exactly the same as Trump, the President. He was as loud, driven, entertaining, spiteful, leering, instinctive and unstoppable during the match back then as he's today. One encounter with the mighty personality and you'll understand that every good shot will be appreciated, but even the slightest inaccuracy will be pointed out.

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