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7 Things men Refuse to do

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Don't we all men look for newer options to make our life easier and a lot more....lazy? Though we know that those things will make our lives a lot but we still refuse to do it. For example, there is no rocket science in understanding that regular visits to the doctor help you stay healthy. A regular check-up keeps you away from so many problems. However, we (men) completely refuse to go to the doctor until there's an urgency to do the same.

Am I correct?

Well, there are many other things that men completely refuse to do but at the end of the day, it has to be done or the other way round.

Why not the hard way then!!

What are those things? Take a look at them below:

Doing laundry

Doing laundryThis has to be on the first spot! Don't you think so? Well, doing laundry is the worst nightmare for men. We know how important is to wear clean men's underwear in order to stay away from infections but we still manage to stretch the same pair of briefs or bikini underwear for more than 3 days. I remember me and my friends went to Miami last year where one of my friends continued to wear the same pair of men's swimwear for almost 4 days. Eww..that's gross and that's exactly why you can always go through a swimwear guide that doesn't let you keep on going with the same pair.

Organized cupboard

men's underwear
Yeah!! We've all been there and had numerous excuses for having such a terribly disorganized cupboard. Well, my mom still sometimes run after me for cleaning the closet and set the thing in an organized way. Just like the others, the importance is quite practical but we're lazy enough to stay in a mess. However, organizing your drawers is definitely a task that'll help you find your long lost apparel styles.

Asking for help

Whether it is asking for the routes while traveling or stuck in a messy situation, men would not go on and ask for help until is exceptionally important. Exceptions are always there!! (if you do ask for help).

Asking For Help

It is probably the matter of their esteem and honor that taking help would make them look a notch under the other. Well, if you take others help, you not only get the work is done more smoothly; you also save a lot of time. After all, it is always two better than one.


Bargaining for a cheaper deal

Thank God online shopping came into our lives or else men would have spent their money on things that cost a lot. Unlike women, men do not indulge in bargain shopping at all. They would always opt for what they want regardless of the fact that it can be bought at a much lesser price.

Bargaining for a cheaper deal

Bargaining doesn't only bring you closer to the market tactics; it also gets you things that you love at unimaginable prices.

Engage in foreplay

Secret Male SMK008 Aster Thong

In order to have a better sex life, foreplay is quite important! That's what women say! However, for men, it is more like beating around the bush and that's exactly why they avoid playing this part and get down to action. Well, if you really want to enjoy being with your partner between the sheets, foreplay is the way to take to a whole new level. Take the longer route and the outcome will be far more pleasing.

Holding onto the old pieces

Holding onto the old pieces

Discarding the old stuff is what makes way for you to get in some newer ones. However, men seem to be in love with their favorite t-shirt, ripped jeans or even their first boxers that letting go of them is not what they handle with ease. Hence, they keep them all in their closet to occupy more space and...just stay there being no good to them. Men should learn the art of letting go and bringing in the newer clothing articles to keep in sync with fashion and also, keep their closet organized.

Being lazy in front of the television

Being lazy in front of the television

How do you generally spend your weekends? In fact, the question should be- how do you start your weekend? Is it by switching on to Netflix with popcorn and go back to back with the episodes of your favorite show? Or, flipping television channels and doing nothing? Well, being lazy in front of the television is all one wants we know but there are way more exciting things to do in life than just watch the Iron Fist or Stranger Things. Go on and indulge in some activities that'll keep you charged up.

Are there any other things that you refuse? Do let us know in the comments below.

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