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Things Worth Learning From Men's Underwear (For Women)

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Have you ever tried to understand men and their psyche? Well, men are quite unique in terms of their nature, personality and choices. However, there are some things which are quite alike in all of them for example their habits and the way they live their lifestyle. Talking about their habits in accordance with their underneath fashion, women can learn a lot of things. Oh yes! There's a lot of worthy things that you can actually learn from your guy's underwear habits. What can be those, you might ask? Let us look at them below.
  1. Sweat is good: Have you felt that sweat is good? Well, sweat might stink and can also make you feel uncomfortable in front of people but men sweating their hearts out and leaving their boxer brief underwear or men's jockstraps sweaty, it is a good sign. How? It is said that men gain most of the weight in their abdomen area and when they start losing it, their waistbands and upper part of the fabric tends to get wet.
  2. Comfort is matters a lot: If you take a look at the majority of men, you'd find them wearing loose boxers when they feel like relaxing at home. So practically, comfort is a lot more than just a word for men and that's exactly what you must also think about. You might know how it feels wearing that bra the entire day and forcing your assets to look perfect but how do you feel when you take it off the first thing after coming home? So, if you find your man in a bad mood, make sure you make him feel relaxed with boxers and he'll surely be surprised.
  3. Be carefree: Have you seen your man throwing his things here and there for no rhyme or reason? It is because they find it comfortable and very carefree about their lifestyle. What do you learn from this habit? You learn to be carefree like them. You don't have to throw your belongings everywhere but you surely can try a little less to worry about things that occupy a lot of you.
  4. Feel sexy: No matter what your guy wears or sports when he's alone or when he's with you, he feels absolutely sexy in those pairs. You might say that he looks sexy in the sensuously tempting thongs or supportive bikinis, he might have a different definition to sexy and he'll be very happy with that itself. Whatever he wears down there would make him feel sexy about himself. You too must not be too conscious about how others find you, just feel sexy about yourself.
These are the lessons worth learning from your guy's fashion underwear styles. Stories You May Like:

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