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Style taboos to keep away

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We all have faced and heard of the weirdest of taboos while growing up. Have you? With all the spooky, weird and indigestible taboos that went around us, some stayed with us while we are all grown up now. The most often ones that come across us are the style taboos that need to be cleared up. Let us look at the ones that still linger today and find their way to a man's heart some or the other way.

No white for winter

Well, you must have heard that the monochromatic color is perfect for summers, it is a big no-no for the cold season. The reason for the same is clueless but white is for winter as much as it is for summer months. Well, if you can figure out the right way to pull off the look, you're welcome to wear the pure color.

No white socks

White seems to be a popular color when it comes to taboos as well. My mother always said that monkeys shouldn't wear white because they cannot carry it well. Well, in that case, the monkey was me because I dirtied the whites within minutes. However, white socks are a great clothing article that if worn correctly with the right length (shorter than the normal) trousers and the apt color combination.

Sunglasses without the sun is stupidity

I wouldn't say that I have not done it, but since I have realized that sunglasses are a great source of portraying the style quotient; I know they are important. As a kid, I was always told that you must take off your sunglasses because they're worn only when you step out in the sun. Well, that's wrong! You can wear it whenever and wherever you want.

Any men's underwear style anywhere

This is one taboo that can easily be seen and practiced easily. However, this taboo must not be followed because with the variety of men's underwear styles available at Mensuas, you need to try out every style for its purpose, occasion, cuts, pouch options and the plethora of designs. For example, brief underwear is for work, jockstraps for athletic/fashion purpose, thong underwear for romantic evenings, boxer briefs for workouts and more. Finally, you have the list! Check it out and make sure you don't go by the taboos from hereafter. More Stories:

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